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Commercial and Industrial Floor Scrubbers

Whether you are a large manufacturer or a small neighborhood store, a floor scrubber will help you keep your floors clean, safe, and leave your customers and employees with a lasting impression of professionalism. Floor scrubbers are designed with efficiency in mind- a large square footage facility can take hours to clean with a mop and bucket, but a scrubber can clean the same floor in less than an hour. There are scrubber designed for deep heavy duty cleaning, every day maintenance, and every type of specialty flooring out there.

New floor scrubbers offer a number of benefits that may not be obvious at first glance. When you purchase through Caliber, you will receive the full factory warranty for that machine. The machine will be the current model of that equipment which means it is built to the most modern technological standards. And the service life of that machine will be longer when compared to an older model whose parts are dependent upon the factory continuing support for that model machine.

New Machines

What kind of Floor Scrubber are you looking for?

  • x industrial ride on floor scrubber

    Industrial Ride On Floor Scrubbers

    LP, Gas and Diesel scrubbers that are suitable for both indoor and outdoor scrubbing.

  • x

    Commercial Ride On Floor Scrubbers

    Battery operated scrubbers with an array of sizes with high productivity and maneuverability.

  • x industrial walk behind scrubber

    Industrial Walk Behind Scrubbers

    Battery operated scrubbers with heavy duty down pressure and large tanks for aggressive jobs.

  • x commercial walk behind scrubber

    Commercial Walk Behind Scrubbers

    Battery or cord operated floor scrubbers that can tackle smaller jobs and maneuver around obstacles.

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