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Hospitals and Healthcare Facilities

Caliber understands that when it comes to a clean environment, there is no more critical industry than the healthcare industry. We work with the biggest hospital chains in the Virginia and Washington DC area, and over the last two decades we have learned from those facility managers what they are looking for in cleaning equipment for hospitals.

Below are the machines we recommend, for both floor cleaning and sanitation, along with disinfecting. Have questions? Just give the Caliber Team a shout - We're here to help!

hopital floor cleaning equipment

Caliber's Recommended Equipment:

  • hospital floor scrubbers

    Hospital Floor Scrubbers

    Keep your floors clean and clear for both nurses, doctors and visitors. These quiet scrubbers are safe to use around people and leave floors ready to be walked on.

  • hospital sanitation equipment

    Healthcare Sanitation

    Fight germs and disease and kill viruses with these sanitizing machines designed to spray chemicals of your choice.

  • All Purpose / Surface Cleaners

    All Purpose / Surface Cleaners

    All purpose cleaners include everything your operator will need to clean a room without ever touching any surface.

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