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Nacecare Duplux

Nacecare Duplex

A floor scrubber...and an escalator cleaner!?

If you are at all familiar with Nacecare's equipment (no worries if you're not, that's why Caliber exists) then you know their equipment prides itself of versatility. The Nacecare Duplex series of scrubbers are no different. Capable of scrubbing your floors, they can also be converted into an escalator cleaner - how neat is that? Now where is my billion dollar mansion that looks like a 1980s mall...

Nacecare offers specialized cleaning solutions at affordable prices. Their machines include. Well known for their "Henry" wet dry vacuums (you know the ones, with the faces!) they also offer a wide range of backpack vacuums, carpet spotters, steam cleaners, and even floor scrubbers! When it come to commercial cleaning in small to medium sized retail and hospitality spaces, Nacecare has you covered.