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Diamond Devil Concrete Polishing System

If you've worked with concrete, you've heard of diamond polishing before. Diamond polishing is the best way to achieve that wet shine look on concrete, but it's time-consuming, and expensive...until now.

Malish, Caliber's supplier of brushes and and specialty cleaning heads, has redeveloped diamond polishing with the Diamond Devil System. Normal diamond polishing with the Diamabrush System takes at least six steps and a lot of time to get results, but Diamond Devil offers a 3+1 solution. Steps 1-3 take your floors to a nice satin finish, while the optional +1 (step 4) allows for the highest possible wet gloss shine. There is also an optional Step 0 - the Mastic Demon tool - which can remove the toughest of floor coatings and help better prep floors for polishing.

With Diamond Devil, not only do you need less steps, the tools last longer than the old Diamabrush blades. You'll be able to cover more square footage with fewer tools, and spend less overall time polishing. Best of all their heads can be used on regular equipment - have a low speed floor machine? Perfect! A disc style scrubber? Not a problem!

Want to learn more? Caliber is here to help - call our sales team 888-550-0945

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Diamond Devil Steps:

  • diamond deveil step 1 grind

    Step 1: Grind It

    Remove light coatings and prepare your floor with an open even finish.

  • diamond deveil step 2 hone

    Step 2: Hone It

    Refine your concrete or terazzo further and ready it to be polished.

  • diamond deveil step 3 polish

    Step 3: Polish It

    Closes the concrete or terrazo and brings out a clean even satin/polish finish.

  • diamond deveil step 4 shine

    Step 4: Shine it (Optional)

    Want the maximum slick wet shine look? This optional step is what will get!

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