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Nacecare 678 Series

Nacecare 678

The perfect scrubber for the indecisive operator

The Nacecare 678 is more than a's three different sized scrubber in one! Blasphemy? Well, allow Caliber to explain: the convertible disc style scrub deck can change between 26 inches, 30 inches, and 34 inches - widening as you need it and narrowing to allow the Model 678 to fit through man doors and tight spaces. Never make another decision again (well, until its time for dinner, then you're on your own).

Nacecare offers specialized cleaning solutions at affordable prices. Their machines include. Well known for their "Henry" wet dry vacuums (you know the ones, with the faces!) they also offer a wide range of backpack vacuums, carpet spotters, steam cleaners, and even floor scrubbers! When it come to commercial cleaning in small to medium sized retail and hospitality spaces, Nacecare has you covered.