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Refurbished Floor Scrubbers

A Used floor scrubber is the smart choice when you can't afford brand new equipment. But Caliber's floor scrubbers aren't just used - they're refurbished. Our machines are evaluated from the frame up and restored to like-new condition, including an overhaul of the working components, brand new batteries, new squeegees skirts and hoses, and a fresh coat of paint. All of the machines for sale on this page will undergo our rigorous refurbishment process.

Caliber understands that longevity and reliability are major concerns for our customer, which means we only sell equipment we know is supported by the vendor through parts availability, and will set you up with a service partner that can help you maintain your scrubber. Buying used allows you to save a lot of money, and when you buy through us it also means you're getting the greatest value, not just a cheap machine that could become a problem to fix in the future.

Not sure if a refurbished floor scrubber is right for you? Wondering if a used machine is the right choice? Give the Caliber Team a call - we're here to help!

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