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COVID-19: Keep Your Facilities Clean with these Specialty Cleaning Machines

Whether you are an essential business currently operating or are a business preparing to reopen your doors to the public, keeping your facility clean is more important now than ever. Caliber Equipment has hand picked a selection of our specialty cleaning machines that can help you keep your employees and customers safe.

Caliber has always taken ceaning seriously, but now more than ever does a clean facility mean a safe operating environment for your employees and customers. Let Caliber help you protect yourself and the people closest to you.

covid 19 cleaning

Caliber's Recommended Equipment:

  • x steam sanitizers

    Steam Sanitizing Machines

    Fight germs with steam! Hot steam is a proven method of killing germs and bacteria, and small handheld steamers can be easily transported.

  • x Air Misting Systems

    Air Misting Systems

    Misting technology evenly disperses cleaning chemical to safely spot treat surfaces or quickly disinfect entire rooms.

  • x All Purpose / Surface Cleaners

    All Purpose / Surface Cleaners

    All purpose cleaners include everything your operator will need to clean a room without ever touching any surface.

  • x Air Scrubbers / Air Filters

    Air Scrubbers / Air Filters

    While not EPA approved yet in the fight against COVID-19, HEPA filtration does improve indoor air quality and has proven effective against similar coronaviruses.

  • x vital oxide disinfecting chemical

    Specialty Chemicals

    EPA approved chemicals that are proven effective in the treatment of COVID-19.

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