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Refurbished Ride On Floor Scrubbers

Caliber's used rider floor scrubbers are all restored to like new condtion - "refurbished" as we call them, including brand new wet batteries and all new wearables. By choosing one of our refurbished rider scrubbers, you'll save not just money, but headache because we guarantee our work with a comprehensive 60 day warranty.

We understand that budget is a concern. Not everyone can afford a new scrubber, but we have plenty of customers who can afford new and choose one of our refurbished machines instead. Why? Because the value of savings just makes sense! Free up extra funds to go towards another component of your business, or pocket the extra for future expenses.

Not sure what kind of ride on scrubber you need? Wondering if a used machine is the right choice for you? Give the Caliber Team a call - we're here to help!

refurbished rider scrubbers on a white background
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