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Pickleball & Athletics Court Cleaning

Keep your courts clean and safe for your members while extending the life of your floor surface or coating by reducing unnecessary wear and tear. Keeping your pickleball courts clean goes beyond presenting a professional and safe environment for your athletes. It means extending the life of the surface material that your facility depends on. Leaving dirt and material on your courts means extra wear and tear when they are in use. It's incredibly important to sweep and clean your courts every day, not just for the safety of those who use them, but to care for the material or coating and extend its life for years to come.

In partnership with IPC, Caliber has put together the perfect package appropriate for the smallest to biggest of courts. Below are the machines we recommend, for both sweeping debris and scrubbing up dirt. Have questions? Just give the Caliber Team a shout - We're here to help!

pickleball court cleaning

Caliber's Recommended Equipment:

  • pickleball court floor sweeper

    Pickleball Floor Sweeper

    Don't let leaves, hair, or plastic packaging get in your way of clean floor! Sweep up debris from your pickleball courts before scrubbing via a walk behind floor sweeper.

  • pickleball court compact floor scrubber

    On and Off-court Compact Scrubber

    For tight spaces both on and off the court, a compact floor scrubber will scrub up embedded dirt and keep away the buildup of grease and other soluable material on any hard surface in your facility.

  • pickleball court rider floor scrubber

    Pickleball Court Floor Scrubber

    Scrub wide open areas with a compact rider floor scrubber. Perfect for cleaning your actual courts, these scrubber can fit through standard man doors and clean open surfaces quickly, saving you time and allowing for everyday maintenance cleaning.

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