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EDIC Specialty Cleaners

EDIC has expanded their lineup to include many specialty cleaning machines that will fill a niche in your facility. Whether you're needing a multi-surface cleaner to tack both hard and carpeted surfaces, a bathroom cleaner that is touch-free for sanitating bathrooms, locker rooms, and other high-trafficked areas of your facility, or need a disinfecting machine to spray a chemical solution, EDIC will have a suitable machine.

All of EDIC's machines are USA made and built, tailor fit to performance, with an immense amount of pride in their build quality. The attention EDIC pays to each individually constructed machine is impressive to say the least.

Caliber knows you will love the carpet extractors EDIC has to offer - and when you have questions about choosing a machine the Caliber Team is here to help - call, chat or email us!

EDIC specialty cleaner
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