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Hotels and Hospitality

When it comes to cleaning hotels, motels, Airbnbs and other hospitality facilities, efficiency and speediness are of the utmost importance. Quickly flipping a room or cleaning up after an unexpected mess or spill shouldn't be a stressful affair. A carpet extractor and a powerful carpet vacuum can go a long way in both keeping your hotel clean and easing the tremendous workload your staff deals with everyday.

Commercial vacuums are powerful tools in your housekeeping arsenal, powerful units that are designed for everyday use on carpets of all types. Choose a Clarke or Advance vacuum and enjoy a robust warranty and the best build quality the industry can offer. No motel should be without a carpet extractor, not when we know spills and messes are bound to happen and you need your carpet cleaned quickly before the next tenant is scheduled to check in. EDIC makes the best carpet extractors we've ever seen, they're workhorses made in America and take old school pride in their machines.

hotel cleaning equipment

Caliber's Recommended Equipment:

  • Hotel Carpet Vacuums

    Carpet Vacuums

    Everyday cleaning of carpets is probably your housekeeping staff's priority and a powerful commercial vacuum that can take a beating can not be over-valued!

  • hotel carpet extractors

    Carpet Extractors

    Textiles are bound to get dirty quickly and a carpet extractor is the best way to maintain carpet and deep clean upholstery in your rooms.

  • PTAC cleaning System

    PTAC Cleaners

    When it comes to air quality, keeping your PTAC unit is a priority. Save money by maintaining efficiency with a PTAC Cleaner.

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