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Manufacturing and Silica Dust Control

Every day Caliber works with facilities managers who have a manufacturing plant that needs to safe safe and clean for their employees. Along with the average sort of material manufacturing plants need to clean, OSHA's new rules regarding Silica dust control have been keeping us busy outfitting our partners with equipment that meets OSHA's standards.

Below are the machines we recommend, for both regular cleaning and Silica dust control. Have questions? Just give the Caliber Team a shout - We're here to help!

silica dust control

Caliber's Recommended Equipment:

  • manufacturng plant floor scrubbers

    Manufacturing Plant Floor Scrubbers

    Keep your floors clean and clear for both employees to safely work. These quiet scrubbers are safe to use around people and leave floors ready to be walked on.

  • silica dust control

    Sweepers for Silica Dust Control

    Capture dust particles with a fogging system which sprays a fine mist while your sweeper scrubber works to prevent harmful dust from entering the air.

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