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Nilfisk-Advance Floor Cleaning Equipment

Cleaning is the name of Nilfisk Advance's game - their line of cleaning equipment is the premier option when choosing what machine to buy. Their combination of features, both included and optional, mean each of their machines can either be customized to suit your application's needs, or they have an out-of-the-box solution all ready to get cleaning.

As one of the biggest players in the industry, Nilfisk Advance supports a large national account program, GSA (Federal and State Government sales), and is well represented nationally by distributors. They produce "better quality" equipment that covers the entire spectrum of floor cleaning needs. Their innovative machine designs have set industry trends.

nilfisk advance

Check Out Nilfisk-Advance's Cleaning Machines:

  • x advance cs7010 combo sweeper scrubbers

    Advance Combination Sweeper Scrubbers

    Why choose between sweeping and scrubbing when you can have a machine that does both?

  • x advance industrial rider sweepers

    Advance Industrial Rider Sweepers

    LP, Diesel, and Gasoline units are available along with rugged battery options for all applications.

  • x advance industrial rider scrubbers

    Advance Industrial Rider Scrubbers

    Maximum productivity and efficiency can be achieved with an Advance ride on scrubber.

  • x advance commercial rider sweepers

    Advance Commercial Rider Sweepers

    Indoor applications that deal with a lot of dust and debris should consider a rider sweeper.

  • x advance commercial rider scrubber

    Advance Commercial Rider Scrubbers

    Perfect for indoor applications, these units are designed for cleaning large square footage.

  • x advance walk behind sweepers

    Advance Walk Behind Sweepers

    Collect debris and control dust on the small scale, featuring battery operation and integrated dust control.

  • x advance large and midsize walk behind scrubbers

    Advance Large & Midsize Scrubbers

    Aggressive down pressure, high-capacity tanks, large cleaning paths, these walk behind scrubbers have it all.

  • x advance compact walk behind scrubbers

    Advance Compact Floor Scrubbers

    Compact scrubbers range anywhere from 15-20 inches with pad-assist and self-propelled options for easy operation.

  • x advance micro floor scrubbers

    Advance Micro Floor Scrubbers

    Just need to replace your mop and bucket? Look no further than these simple to use, retail-friendly scrubbers.

  • x advance carpet extractors and vacuums

    Advance Carpet & Specialty Cleaning

    Vacuums, hard surface cleaners, and carpet extractors are all important equipment for commercial cleaning.

  • x advance buffers and floo rmachines

    Advance Buffers & Floor Machines

    High speed buffers will maintain your floor's shine, while low speed floor machines are an economical cleaning alternative.

  • x advance autonomous robotic cleaning

    Advance Autonomous Robotic Cleaners

    The robots have arrived and its all thanks to Nilfisk Advance, check out their most innovation cleaning solution yet.

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