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A floor sweeper in action -
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Commerical and Industrial Floor Sweeper Machines

Floor Sweepers are cleaning machines intended to sweep up large or small debris such as wood chips, litter, etc. Sweepers play a pivitol role in serious dust control. Depending on the size of the area you plan to clean you can either choose a walk-behind scrubber or a rider sweeper. Whether you're looking for a sweeper for you small shop or a high capacity parking lot sweeper, Caliber can help!

Caliber can also provide you with power sweeper parts for all major brands and manufacturers as well as their more cost-effective OEM counterparts. Refer to the information on our FAQ to learn more about general floor care practices.

Looking for a USED Floor Sweeper? Check out our Refurbished Inventory!

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combustion engine ride on floor scrubber
Industrial Ride On Floor Sweepers are engineered to keep your facility clean while keeping the air clear of dust. Industrial sweepers are designed with outdoor use in mind, but battery operated machines are available for indoor use. Parking lot sweepers fall into this category.

Gas/Diesel/Propane Floor Sweeper:
Combustion engines enable a powerful vacuum system and unbeatable dust control. Construction yards, municipalities, and parking decks are just some of the few facilities we've placed these machines in.

Battery Commercial Sweeper: Battery power is great for indoor spaces that still have a lot of square footage to sweep. Places such as warehouses, wood shops, and shop facilities can benefit from a battery operated sweeper.
Advance SW8000
Nilfisk Advance SW8000

• 65 - 77" sweeping path.
• 4 cyl Kubota Engine.
• LPG or Diesel Engine.

Price: $43,081 - $56,434

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Advance Exterra
Nilfisk Advance Exterra

• Dust Clear system.
• 77 inch sweeping path.
• Gasoline or Diesel Engine.

UPDATE: See the SW8000

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Advance Proterra
Nilfisk Advance Proterra

• 51-64" sweeping path.
• TrioSweep & DustGuard.
• Battery & Combustion Versions.

Price: $32,047 - $43,361

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Advance 5200B
Advance Terra 5200B

• Dust control system.
• 52 inch sweeping path.
• Battery Powered.

UPDATE: See the SW4000

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Advance SW4000
Nilfisk Advance SW4000

• 49" sweeping path.
• Battery Powered.
• High-dump hopper.

Price: $23,428 - $25,082

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Advance 4300B
Advance Terra 4300B

• Dust control system.
• 43 inch sweeping path.
• Battery Powered.

Price: $16,062 - $17,743

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ipc eagle 1280 rider sweeper
IPC Eagle 1280

• High dump hopper.
• 48 inch sweeping path.
• Battery Operated.

List Price: $15,934

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ipc eagle 512 r
IPC Eagle 512R

• Indoor Commercial use.
• 36 inch sweeping path.
• Battery Operated.

List Price: $6,300 - $6,618

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mach mach2 sweeper
Mach MACH2

• Indoor Commercial use.
• 42 inch sweeping path.
• Battery Operated.

List Price: Call for Pricing

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walk behind floor sweepers for small commercial locations
Walk Behind Sweepers act as wide area vacuum cleaners but combine their sweeping power with efficient dust control. From dust and debris down to micron level particles walk behind sweepers will keep your carpets and hard surfaces clean while improoving overall air quality.

Brush Assist: Assists the operator forward by the friction of the brushes on the floor.

Self Propelled: Feature a drive motor which pulls the machine forward without operator assistance.

clarke bsw 28
Clarke BSW 28

• Indoor or Outdoor use.
• 26 inch sweeping path.
• Manually Operated.

List: $4,333.00
Price: $3,900.00

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Advance SW900
Nilfisk Advance SW900

• Up to 41" sweeping path.
• Battery Powered.
• Commercial and Industrial Models!

List Price: $6,983 - $7,599

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Advance Terra 28B
Nilfisk Advance Terra 28B

• Great for carpet or hard floor.
• 28 inch sweeping path.
• Battery Operated.

List Price: $4,230.00

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IPC Eagle 512ET
IPC Eagle 512ET

• 28" sweeping path.
• Battery powered.
• Large capacity hopper.

Price: $4,374 - $4,811

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IPC Eagle 712ET
IPC Eagle 712ET

• 36" sweeping path.
• Battery powered.
• Large capacity hopper.

Price: $6,435 - $7,309

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ipc eagle SmartVac
IPC Eagle SmartVac

• 1hp or 1.5hp motors.
• Various optional assemblies.
• Electric cord powered.

Price: $2,479 - $3,254

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Mach MACH1 Sweeper
Mach MACH1

• 31" sweeping path.
• Battery or Gas powered.
• Dust Control included!

Price: $4,585 - $4,836

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Mach MEP Sweeper
Mach ME & MEP PLus

• 29" sweeping path.
• Completely Mechanical.
• Dust Control included!

Price: $874 - $1,127

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general maanager and owner steve baker
Founded by Steve Baker
Owner & General Manager
Steve Baker entered the industrial cleaning equipment market in the early 1990s and has since expanded Caliber Equipment into both a local east coast sales and repair hub as well as a vast online supplier and resource for floor cleaning machine information. You can reach Steve by calling 888-550-0945 and he will be happy to help you with any machine questions you may have.

As a small business that specializes in the distribution of larger equipment for cleaning, Caliber Equipment can offer you a selection from a wide range of scrubbers and floor sweepers from American and International manufacturers. When seeking an informed choice on cleaning equipment, you will find that over a decade of experience with these products will be available to you through Caliber Equipment Inc.