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Why do you need a scrubber?
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Floor Scrubbers: Commercial and Industrial Floor Scrubbing

A Floor Scrubber is designed for surfaces that need to be scrubbed via a chemical solution or soap. Whether you have concrete, vinyl, tile, laminated, painted, or marble floors there is a scrubber suitable for your surface.

Whether you're looking for a commercial floor scrubber to clean your showroom or need more robust industrial scrubber to maintain your warehouse, Caliber reviews every machine in our inventory and represents only the best manufacturers in the industry. Let us help you find the perfect machine for your application!

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Do I Need a Scrubber?
Versatile, hygienic, and green. A floor scrubbing machine cleans hard surfaces via brushes or pads whose contact on the floor removes grime, dirt, oils, etc.

There are indoor as well as outdoor machines and various sizes in between! Almost any application that would require a mop and bucket could use a scrubber instead.

Choose a walk behind scrubber or a ride on scrubber Walk behind are great for small spaces, riders for larger facilities.

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combustion engine ride on floor scrubber
Ride On Floor Scrubbers come in various sizes and deck configurations, from industrial sized beasts like the Advance SC8000 pictured here to smaller commercial solutions such as the Clarke Focus II Rider.

Combustion Engine Industrial Floor Scrubbers:
Intended for outdoor and large warehouse jobs, these heavy duty industrial machines efficiently cut floor cleaning times with oversized deck options and large solution/recovery tanks.

Battery Operated Commercial Floor Scrubbers: While limited to a battery cycle charge, these machines allow cleaning within locations who want the speed & efficiency of a rider but not the exhaust of a combustion engine.

walk behind floor scrubbers for small commercial locations
Walk Behind Floor Scrubbers scrub hard floors via disk pads or cylindrical brushes combined with water and optional soaps, include a vacuum and squeegee system to retrieve dirty water, and will leave your floors clean and ready to be walked on. This is the fast and hygienic replacement of your mop & bucket.

Pad Assist: assist the operator forward by the friction of the scrub deck against the floor.

Self Propelled / Autoscrubbers feature a drive motor which pulls the machine forward without operator assistance.
general maanager and owner steve baker
Founded by Steve Baker
Owner & General Manager
Steve Baker entered the industrial cleaning equipment market in the early 1990s and has since expanded Caliber Equipment into both a local east coast sales and repair hub as well as a vast online supplier and resource for floor cleaning machine information. You can connect with him via and Facebook.

As a small business that specializes in the distribution of larger equipment for cleaning, Caliber Equipment can offer you a selection from a wide range of scrubbers and floor sweepers from American and International manufacturers. When seeking an informed choice on cleaning equipment, you will find that over a decade of experience with these products will be available to you through Caliber Equipment Inc.