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Commercial and Industrial Floor Cleaning Machines, Hard Surface Cleaners

Caliber Equipment specializes in Commercial and Industrial Floor Cleaning Machines - We have over 20 years of experience in the industry and only support brands we personally can vouch for. Because of this, you can be confident that you will find only the best floor cleaning equipment available for sale from us with country-wide parts and warranty support.

We offer a wide selection of commercial and industrial equipment at competative pricing and we're happy to walk you through the process of selecting a machine that will be perfect for your application.

What kind of cleaning equipment do you need?

I have a parking deck or outdoor industrial yard that needs maintenance.
You need a Sweeper Scrubber

I have dirt, grease, or other soluable buildup on my hard floors.
You need a Floor Scrubber

I have dust and dry debris on my hard surface floors.
You need a Floor Sweeper

I need to clean, strip & refinish a hard floor surface coating.
You need a Floor Machine or Buffer

I need to clean dirt from carpeted areas, spot treat upholstry, etc.
You need a Carpet Extractor

Benefits of Purchasing a New Floor Cleaning Machine:

Factory Warranty: Brand-new floor cleaning machines come with a factory warranty that will cover a number of different problems that may occur with your machine during the first few months or years of ownership. Often times warranties cover not just the replacement of parts but also the labor involved in fixing the machine and the travel charges of calling out a technician.

Service Life: In regards to warranties- Caliber Equipment can provide your floor cleaning machine with the service needed to take care of your warranty issues. You know that if you buy equipment from us we will be able to service that machine as well.

New Technology: When you buy a new machine you have the opportunity to choose the most current and cutting edge equipment available on the market. Manufacturers are always improving upon the efficiency of their machines so you know when you buy the newest model you will be receiving a superior product.

Floor Scrubber Sweepers can pick up large debris and control dust using their wet sweeping capabilities while also utilizing a solution or soap system to scrub your surfaces at the same time.

The productivity benefits of using a Scrubber Sweeper are unmatched, and the versatility of these machines to either have both scrubbing and sweeping systems function together or separately make these a great solution for a variety of different situations, which makes them a staple for industrial floor cleaning.

Ride On Floor Scrubbers scrub hard floors via disk pads or cylindrical brushes combined with water and optional soaps, include a vacuum and squeegee system to retrieve dirty water, and will leave your floors clean and ready to be walked on.

Industrial Ride On Scrubbers are large ridable machines that can clean wide open spaces indoors or outdoors quickly. Combustion egines are common but many models offer a cleaner hybrid battery design

Commercial Rider Scrubbers are great for hospitals or warehouse locations who have smaller spaces and need a more maneuverable machine.

Walk Behind Floor Scrubbers scrub hard floors via disk pads or cylindrical brushes combined with water and optional soaps, include a vacuum and squeegee system to retrieve dirty water. These machine are suitable for both commercial and industrial cleaning applications

Disc Style operate via flat pads or brushes, these machine clean surfaces via downpressure and the grit of the pad or brush. Disc machines are suitable for attacking years of embadded dirt and grime on your floor surface.

Cylindrical Style operate via a cylindrical style broom. These machines operate with less downpressure than disc machines but are capable of picking up light debris and reaching into grout lines while scrubbing.

Rider Floor Sweepers operate via cylindrical brooms which pick up debris, store it within a hopper for dumping, and frequently include a built-in dust control.

Industrial Rider Sweepers are perfect for places such as parking lots and outdoor public facilities who see a lot of litter accumulation, as well as work yards and facilities who have wood chips, gravel, sand and dust that must be controlled.

Commercial Rider Sweepers are great for sites that have smaller spaces but still produce a lot of debris, woodchips, sand, etc. Commercial grade scrubbers are most often battery-operated and are narrow enough to fit through doorframes.

Walk Behind Sweepers operate via cylindrical brooms which pick up debris, store it within a hopper for dumping, and typically include a built-in dust control and either a single or sometimes dual side brooms.

Combustion Power Sweepers Your typical power sweeper is propane powered, but gasoline models do exist. Mostly suitable for outdoor use.

Battery Sweepers are most common and are designed to pick up most debris and store it inside a small hopper and dust control is typically designed around an accordian paper filter.

Floor Machines are rotary disk floor cleaning machines, sometimes known as a 'side by sides' or 'swing machines'. They utilize a disk pad or brush to either scrub or polish a floor. Floor Machines generally operate at two different RPM levels - high and low speed.

Low speed floor machines are best suited for scrubbing floors and can be used in conjunction with special soaps and chemicals while high speed floor machines are capable of polishing floors in the same way that floor buffers operate. Some models are built to switch between these two RPM levels and are called Dual Speed Floor Machines.

Floor Buffers are high speed rotary disk floor cleaning machines that utilize a coarse disk style pad. Floor Buffers polish up hard surface finishes into a shine. Both propane and gas models as well as electric floor buffers are available depending on your job, and depending on what pad type you equip your floor burnisher with these machines are also capable of stripping finishes off of your floors.

Unlike Floor Machines which spin at a lower RPM and with less weight, floor buffers do not need the use of a chemical solution to give your floors a great shine.

Attachment Sweepers are built to be operated from and attached to a forklift. They come with many different features including water systems for wet sweeping, dust control and containment systems, and are available in various sizes.

Generally used as outdoor floor cleaning equipment, Attachment Sweepers will have no problem being mounted upon standard forklift brackets and are versatile in that they can be easily transported to different sites and can utilize an existing piece of equipment and thus reduce the cost of owning an industrial floor sweeper.

Litter Collectors are sometimes known as Street Sweepers. Litter Collectors are outdoor cleaning machines specifically designed for sweeping up litter, leaves, trash and other light debris.

Typically litter collectors are all-inclusive machines including an operator's cab but there are options for those who would rather have a vacuum system that can be hauled by their truck. Water systems for more aggressive cleaning are available and these machines are highly customizable so that you can build the perfect machine for your specific needs. Universities, public parks, and municipalities will see a great benefit to owning a litter collector.

Carpet Cleaning Machines encompass a category of different carpet care machines including carpet extractors, carpet vacuums, and carpet steamers.

Carpet cleaning machines are capable of extracting stains and dirt from fibers of carpet, rugs and upholstery, vacuuming up dirt, dust, hair, and other particles, and restoring well-treaded areas to their original state. Carpet Cleaning Machines are typically extremely portable and are light weight and built for extended use. Backpack vacuums in particular are a great ergonomic option.