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Commercial and Industrial Floor Cleaning Machines, Hard Surface Cleaners

What is a Floor Cleaning Machine?
A Floor Cleaning Machine is a specially designed piece of equipment that will help you maintain and protect your floors and keep your facility clean and safe for foot traffic. Scrubbers control dirt and grime and soluable residue that builds up through a combination of water, soaps, and aggresive pads and brushes. Sweepers pick up dry debris and control dust. Floor machines and buffers maintain or strip away floor finishes. And carpet equipment can vacuum and extract non-hard surface floors.

Depending on you situation you may need a combination of different types of equipment, but oftentimes our customers find that a single specialized machine can reliablly acheive the results they are looking for. If in doubt check out our breakdown below or give us a call for more information!

Why Buy From Caliber?
Caliber Equipment specializes in Commercial and Industrial Floor Cleaning Machines - We have over 20 years of experience in the industry and only support brands we personally can vouch for. Because of this, you can be confident that you will find only the best machines available for sale from us with worldwide parts and warranty support.

We offer a wide selection of equipment at competative pricing and we're happy to walk you through the process of selecting a machine that will be perfect for your application.
What kind of cleaning equipment do you need?

I have a parking deck or outdoor industrial yard that needs maintenance.
You need a Sweeper Scrubber

I have a large area with dirt, grease, or other buildup on my floors.
You need a Rider Floor Scrubber

I have a small to medium area with dirt or grease on my floors.
You need a Walk Behind Scrubber

I have large areas with dust and dry debris on my hard surface floors.
You need a Rider Floor Sweeper

I have small to medium areas with dust and debris on my floors.
You need a Walk Behind Sweeper

I need a heavy duty yard cleaner that utilizes my existing forklift to operate.
You need an Attached Sweeper

I need a machine capable of cleaning my sidewalks and public spaces.
You need a Litter Collector

I have a hard surface floor finish that needs to shine like new.
You need a Floor Burnisher

I need to clean or strip a hard floor surface with etiher a brush or a pad.
You need a Floor Machine or Buffer

I need to clean dirt from carpeted areas, spot treat upholstry, etc.
You need a Carpet Extractor
What Are the Benefits of Purchasing New Equipment?

New floor cleaning equipment offer a number of benefits that may not be obvious at first glance. When you purchase a new floor scrubber through us, you will receive the full factory warranty for that machine. The machine will be the current model of that equipment which often means it is built to the most modern technological standards. And the service life of that machine will be longer when compared to an older model bought used whose parts support is dependent upon the factory continuing support for that model machine.

Factory Warranty

Brand-new floor cleaning machines come with a factory warranty that will cover a number of different problems that may occur with your machine during the first few months or years of ownership. Often times warranties cover not just the replacement of parts but also the labor involved in fixing the machine and the travel charges of calling out a technician.

Service Life

In regards to warranties- Caliber Equipment can provide your floor cleaning machine with the service needed to take care of your warranty issues. You know that if you buy equipment from us we will be able to service that machine as well.

Newest Technology

When you buy a new machine you have the opportunity to choose the most current and cutting edge equipment available on the market. Manufacturers are always improving upon the efficiency of their machines so you know when you buy the newest model you will be receiving a superior product.