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Advance SW5500 Rider Sweeper

Advance SW5500

Industrial Floor Sweeper

Introducing the Nilfisk Advance SW5500 Rider Floor Sweeper. With a productivity of up to 113,020 the Advance SW5500 is a workhorse.

Expanding upon Advance's already robust sweeper line, the SW5500 is a niche machine which offers modern features such as a 75 sq ft automatic filter & shaker, the option for a dual side broom DustGuard misting system, an integraded LED headlamp, independantly controlled side broom speeds, AC brushless propulsion drive, and tools free replacement of brushes and brooms.

Battery Machines: With a 420 ah 24 volt battery pack included, the all-electric battery machine is suitable for indoor applications.

LPG Machines: The hybrid electric-combustion engine is efficient and powerful, providing longer working times and a higher productivity.