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Nilfisk Advance Granterra - Formerly American Lincoln 4366XP

Industrial Floor Sweeper

NOTE: As of the summer or 2009 Nilfisk Advance has begun merging the American Lincoln line of floor cleaning equipment into it's own industrial line of equipment. The machines will no longer be the blue color as shown in some of our images, but a gray color to represent Nilfisk-Advance. Any new machine ordered will come in the new gray color. In the case of the Model 4366XP Nilfisk Advance is renaming this as the Model Granterra. Any new machine purchased will be under that name.

This machine is available REFRURBISHED.
*New Nilfisk Advance machine sales are subject to territorial limitations.

The Nilfisk Advance Granterra is a combustion engine driven Sweeper machine.  It is used for the removal and collection of dry debris and dust from industrial plant floors, warehouse environments, and exterior parking lots and storage pads.  With a hydraulically actuated machine, you can have extra power for heavy loads, sealed durability needed for dirty environments, plus continuous use. This sweeper machine specializes in picking up large debris like sections of pallets, large cardboard, chucks of masonry and large volumes of sand.  It will dumps debris into a sixty inch tall dumpster or also onto the floor.  Dust stirred up by the 50 inch long main broom is screened by two panel filters with a total area of 172 square feet. Clean air is exhausted.

It comes standard with a 66 inch sweep path, but it may be upgraded to 78 inches with the optional left hand side broom.  Sweeps up to 145,000 square feet and hour, (66" path)!  The huge 27 cubic foot hopper, along with a debris transporter system that can shift the load forward, allows you to delay the dumping task and keep on sweeping for greater productivity. Available in both high or low dump versions. Choice of Gas, LP, or Diesel power options. A fully conditioned and enclosed cab is available for the comfort and safety of your operator.

The Granterra has simple controls, which are very low maintenance.  A heavy steel frame and the all steel, heavy gauge, panel construction provide both a durable and welcome alternative in our plastic "disposable" society. This sweeper is for brick yards, rail road yards, large metal fabrication operations, foundries, dry chemical operations, lumber yards and the yards of heavy equipment maintenance facilities. With an 1800 pound load capacity,it will not tip over with heavy debris.  A basic sweeper weighs 3700 pounds.  American Lincoln sets the standard for large sweepers with little compromise.

Scrub Deck Styles available:

Advance Granterra:
66" and 78" Sizes Available - Gas, LP, & Diesel Engine Options

Optional Accessories List


• 66" - 78" sweeping path (with the optional left hand side broom).

• Hydraulic pump with cast iron housing.

• Simple to operate - onboard instrumentation includes an hour meter, voltmeter, oil pressure, water temperature, and electric fuel gauge.

• Optional accessories include: Overhead guard, preferred option package, safety lights, all-weather cab, fire extinguisher and alarm system, heater/defroster, dual side brooms, air conditioning, and SE air cleaner.

• All-steel construction.

• Diesel: Mitsubishi 47.3 hp engine; Gas / LP: 86 hp GM 3.0 L MPFI engine.

• Full-time power steering.

New machine warranty: 4 years parts, 6 months labor and 6 months travel.

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american lincoln 4366XP

american lincoln 4366XP

american lincoln 4366XP

american lincoln 4366XP

american lincoln 4366XP

american lincoln 4366XP