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Floor Machines: Low Speed Floor Machines & Orbital Scrubbers

Floor Machines are great for commercial applications when used for stripping, screening, bonnet cleaning, shampooing carpet, etc. Their versatility is great for smaller locations who need a machine that can help in many ways. Refer to the information on our Guide to Buying page to learn more about paths and how to determine how large or small of a machine you need.

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Do I need a Floor Machine?
I have finished floors that just need a quick scrub every night. A low speed floor machine will be great for quick interim cleaning between bigger, deeper cleaning jobs. Low speed floor machines will allow you to easily maintain your floors finish and keep them looking like new.

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Low Speed Floor Machines
clarke ex20 box style extractor

Low Speed Floor Machines:
Low speed floor machines are a very basic floor scrubber without the retrieval capacity that a scrubber utilizes. They are designed with a rotary head which spins a pad or brush at a very low RPM, sometimes equipped with a solution tank to apply soap to the floor, but most often used on their own as a interim cleaning solution.

These machines typically ship with a pad driver but if you need brush options give out parts department a call at 888-550-0945!
Advance pacesetter
Advance Pacesetter
Low Speed Floor Machine

• 17" - 20" path.
• Cord-operated.
• 2-speed models available.

PRICE: Call for Availability

Clarke CFP pro low speed Floor Machine
Clarke CFP Pro
Low Speed Floor Machine

• 1hp or 1.5hp motors - 175 RPM.
• Electric cord powered.

List: $850 - $1,432
Price: $680 - $1,146 -20%

Clarke Ultra Speed Pro Burnisher
Clarke Ultra Speed Pro
Commercial Floor Burnisher

• 20" - 1500 RPM.
• Electric Cord Operated.

List: $1,206.00
Price: $965.00 -20%

Pioneer Eclipse PE250ST
Pioneer Eclipse PE250ST
Formerly the Clarke BOS-18

• 12" x 18" path.
• Orbital Scrubbing Technology.
• Factory Warranty.

LIST PRICE: $2,697.00

Karcher BR30
Koblenz TP-2015
Low Speed Floor Machines

• 20" path.
• Electric Cord Powered.
• 175 RPM

PRICE: Call for Availability

Karcher BR30
Koblenz RM-2015
Low Speed Floor Machines

• 20" path.
• Electric Cord Powered.
• 175 RPM

PRICE: Call for Availability