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US Products Advantage 1200 / 400 / 200 / 100

Portable Carpet Extractors

Available NEW.

Scrub Deck Styles available:

1200 PSI - Hard Surface Cleaner.   Model Advantage 1200

400 PSI - Heated Carpet Extractor.   Model Advantage 400

200 PSI - Carpet and Upholstry Cleaner. Model Advantage 200

100 PSI - Carpet and Upholstry Cleaner. Model Advantage 100

The Advantage Series of carpet extractors are some of the most powerful peices of equipment in their type. The four different models enable you to choose the perfect mahcine for your applicaiton:

The Model 1200 is designed for cleaning hard surfaces such as tile, grout, natural stone, concrete, etc. You can wash, rinse, and recover in a single simple process. To acheive this powerful cleaning, 2.2 gallons of water per minute at 1200 PSI reach into the pourous surfaces that a brush can not get to. The 3-stage vacuum motor recovers the water for unmatched drying times!

The Model 400 is the most powerful carpet extractor in the Advantage Series line. This heated extractor is perfect for deep resorative cleaning. You can adjust the PSI between 50 and 400 so you will have the power and versatility needed for any applicaiton. Instant 212 degrees heat increases the power of the mahcine along with it's superior water recovery system via the 3-stage vacuum motor.

The Model 200 not only is meant to be used to clean carpeted surfaces but also can be used to for wet cleanable upholstry. You can adjust the PSI between the range of 50 and 200 and it also comes with instant 212 degree heat and a 3-stage vacuum motor for unbeatable water recovery.

The Model 100 extracts carpet and cleans upholstry effciently with it's on-demand 100 PSI pump and instant 200 degree heat. This machine also has a single power cord to send power to the entire unit and just with all the machines of this line, the Model 100 comes with a 3-stage vacuumm motor for a fast recovery system.

• 3-stage vacuum motor on all models.

• Models 1200, 400, and 200 come with two 25 ft power cords. The Model 100 has one 25 ft cord.

• All models have a 13 gallon solution tank and a 10 gallon recovery tank.

• Compact, light-weight roto-molded body and tanks creates easy transportation and ergonomical cleaning.

• 12 inch non-marking wheels on all models.

• A stainless steel, single bend, twin tip wand comes with all carpet extracting models. The 1200's tools are sold seperately.

• Optional Auto fill/dump is available on any model except the 1200 on which is it standard.

Warranty: Lifetime warranty on roto-molded body, tanks, and heater element. 1 year on parts & labor for other components.

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US Products Advantage series

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