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Madvac PS300

Madvac PS300

Madvac PS300

Madvac PS300

Compact Litter Sweeper

This machine is available NEW.

Lets your residents see you working to keep their city safe and clean!

For vacuum litter collection on sidewalks in crowded urban environments. Non intimidating to pedestrians, this combustion engine powered litter collector features side brooms for use alongside buildings and curbs. A special feature is a "talking" recorded message that will continuously ask people to move aside as you navigate crowded spaces. Operate this sweeper vacuum during the day to visibly remind residents that your city cares about their quality of life.

Operators may walk behind, or ride the folding operator seat of this compact litter collection machine.  It is specifically designed for a crowded urban environment. It sweeps and picks up litter across a 48 inch path. A Kubota, liquid cooled, diesel engine drives a hydraulic pump to generate the power needed for the hydrostatic drive.  Dust is controlled by four panel filters that screen the incoming air after it has passed through the collection bag. In addition, you may apply a fine mist of water over the front mounted brushes and into the incoming stream of air in order to saturate the incoming dust and hold it in suspension.

A flow through bag system captures the incoming debris into a filtering style bag before it travels through the impeller. Competing machines do have designs that pass debris through the impeller, and as a result, there is a greater dust generation from the shredding of the debris. Impeller maintenance is also higher as a result of the force of the constant impact of the debris.  PS300 bags are quickly removed and disposed of, or may be emptied and reused.

An 8 foot long "wander hose" attachment may be used to pick up litter from between cars, on raised terraces, under park benches or inside bus waiting enclosures. Safety features include front and back horns, a back up alarm, recorded messaging systems for an approach warning, and an emergency shut off. Customize this machine to match your cities colors or add logos.

Scrub Deck Styles available:                                 

All PS300s are custom-built for every customer from a base model.

• 48" Sweeping path.

• Designed with the environment in mind - this sweeper is economic as well as efficient and Madvac strives to create machines that both clean the environment as well as being green themselves.

• Functions as either a walk-behind sweeper or a rider sweeper with it's optional deluxe seat.

• Adjustable brush speed and pressure.

• Highly visible and visually appealing - it's meant to be seen and admired.

• 13 gallon water system tank - water spray jets at each brush that includes disinfectant for hygienic cleaning.

• 60 gallon litter capacity.

• Kubota Z482-E twin cylinder 13.9 HP diesel engine that burns low-emission diesel. The machine runs 8-10 hours on a single tank.

• Twin halogen headlights & warning lights.

• Optional programmable voice messaging system.

• Optional wander hose enables operator to clean in the harder to reach and more narrow areas of the street.

• 2-micron dust filter keeps operator and pedestrians clean of dust.

• Kubota Z482-E twin cylinder 13.9 HP diesel engine.

• Optional dog excrement vacuum system.

• Custom colors and graphics.

Warranty: Fan casing has a lifetime warranty.

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Madvac PS300

Madvac PS300

Madvac PS300