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Litter Collectors & Vacuums: Outdoor Debris Collectors

Litter Collectors and Vacuums are the perfect solution for debris collection in areas that do not have fine powdery dirt to control. Many municipal organizations could put a Litter Collector or Litter Vacuum to use when cleaning their sidewalks or parks, and factories and manufacturing plants would see them useful in control woodchips, sand, or other types of debris.

Litter Collectors and Vacuums are developed for both indoor as well as outdoor use, and an array of different engine types are available depending on your specific need - everything from small walk behind battery and electric models to huge diesel powered trucks.

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combustion engine ride on floor scrubber
Litter Collectors cover a wide array of machine types including small handheld vacuum systems and larger municipal ride on equipment.

Outdoor Vacuums:
Machines like the Elgee PowerVac are suitable for outdoor vacuuming of debris, with roller wheels and a large suction head that will collect things like paper, leaves, trash, etc.

Ride On Litter Collectors:
When it comes to aggressive litter collection ride on equipment is what you want. Often seen sweeping the sides of roadways, these machines feature robust collection as well as dust control. Call for more information!
elgee powervac
Elgee PowerVac

• 30" - 40" vacuum path.
• Gas, LP, Battery, Corded.
• Factory Warranty.

Price: Call 1-888-550-0945

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upkeeper voyager
Upkeeper Voyager

• 5 HP motor peak.
• electric cord powered.
• Outfit to your needs!

Price: Call 1-888-550-0945

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schwarze PVII
Schwarze PVII

• 2.0 cubic yards capacity.
• 78" path, dual 19" brushes
• Attaches to any .5 ton+ pickup.

Price: Call 1-888-550-0945

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