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Floor Burnishers: High Speed Buffers, Polishing and Stripping Machines

Burnishers AKA Buffers are high speed rotary machines that are designed to polish finished floors so you can acheive that "Wet Look" shine. Typically burnishers operate at 1500-2000 RPM, can be cord operated or propane powered, and are come in widths between 20-32 inches with 28 inches being the most popular size.

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Advance advolution 20

Advance Advolution 20
Corded High Speed Buffer

• 20" Buffer.
• 1500 or 2000 RPM options.

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clarke ultra speed 20

Clarke Ultra Speed 20
Battery Burnisher

• 20 inch path.
• Dust control included.

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Clarke Ultra Speed Pro Burnisher

Clarke Ultra Speed Pro 1500
Corded Burnisher

• Electric Cord Operated.
• 1500 RPM.

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Do I need a Floor Burnisher?

Do you have cement floors? More importantly, do you have polished cement floors with a polymer finish, or would you like to acheive that high glossy shine you see at your comeptitor's place? Burnishers are what you use to acheive that look, and also what you use to maintain that finish.

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Do I Get a Corded, Propane, or Battery Operated Buffer?

Propane Buffers: The traditional burnisher design is propane powered with a wide 28 inch or larger burnishing head. These machines are great for wide open spaces and are highly efficient, both indoor and outdoor.

Corded Buffers: For smaller areas with access to outlets, a corded burnisher is a great option. Typical corded high speed buffers are 20 inches wide and suitable for medium sized areas.

Battery Burnishers: When it comes to ease of operation and dust control a battery burnisher is going to be your solution. These machines are powered via a robust battery pack and pull themselves forward via the contact of the polishing pad on the floor. Dust control typically comes standard.

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What Do I Need to Achieve a Glossy Cement Floor?

Lithium Floor Polishing System: Diamond pads in conjunction with our lithium floor polish chemical is one way to acheive a high gloss, chemically sealed cement is a great solution for many facilities. Call us at 888-550-0945 to determine the best solution for your desired results.

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What if I just what to maintain the floor finish I already have?

If you already have a floor finish you need to maintain a floor burnisher will get get the job done, the high speed and even pressure of a buffer will smooth out the pitting in your floor sealant and return your floor to it's intended gloss. If in doubt call us for help!

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