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MultiSweep RT800

Industrial Attachment Sweeper

This machine is available NEW.

The MultiSweep Model RT800 is a large industrial sweeping machine design specifically for road sweeping by contractors. The RT800 utilizes the 3-point linkage available on all tractors so that it can be attached to the rear of the machine. The RT800 is also powered by the tractor's own hydraulics and can sweep up rubble quickly for roads, yards, and highways where dust and debris are problems.

One of the most interesting features of the MultiSweep line is how they are driven. Since the model RT800 is designed to be attached to a tractor you are taking advantage of a peice of equipment you already use, you are saving on costs for equipment. Plus, the RT800 becomes an integrated part of your routine because it is located right on site for instant use!


• 7' 10" sweeping path and 211 gallon hopper capacity - absolutely massive and efficient!

• Collects as it sweeps- dust, brick, sand, etc. are cleaned while larger debris is picked up and placed into the hopper.

• Superior Dust Control - All MultiSweep models have two options available for dust control: Electric/Power Dust Control where a high-pressure jet of water is used on the area being swept to create a "blanket" like effect that when swept up reduces the amount of fugitive dust expelled. The second option is the Gravity Dust Control System where water drips via the gravity feed located on the front of the machine onto the area being swept to help dust control along with Dust Control Skirting.

• Optional accessories are available including a water system and power washer that allows for the user to wash road signs, spillages, cones, machinery etc.

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Price Range: Call for Pricing!

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Multisweep RT800