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karcher iSolar 800 dual brush attachment

Karcher iSolar 400 & 800

Solar Panel Brush Cleaner

Available for sale are the Karcher iSolar 400 & 800 Solar Panel Brush Cleaners. These brushes make cleaning your solar panels easier than ever!

iSolar 400: Single disc 400mm / 16" cleaning path.
iSolar 800: Dual disc 800mm / 32" cleaning path.

The Karcher iSolar utilizes the power of your pressure washer in order to operate the disc heads. The flexible angle joint allows for comfortable handling while ensuring the bristles always lay flat and pressure is evenly applied to the surface of your panels. The soft nylon brushes operate at low pressure to safely clean the delicate surface of your solar panels and maximize your power generating capabilities.

Cold or hot water pressure washers can be used. Up to 104 degrees F of hot water at brush head is acceptable, and Karcher offers a special solar panel detergent than can be added to your water tank for extra cleaning power (hot water models only).

Various telescopic wands and pressure hose combinations are available, and Caliber can help you determine the combination of which will be appropriate for your application.

A compatible pressure washer is required for operation of the iSolar panel brush cleaner!

List Price: Starts at $1,745
Karcher iSolar 800 Karcher iSolar 400 Karcher iSolar 800 Karcher iSolar 400Karcher iSolar Cheat Sheet

Karcher iSolar 400
Karcher iSolar 400
+ Single Disc: 400mm / 16 inches
16" scrubbing path
+ Pressure Washer, Wand, Hose Attachments Required

Parts Numbers:
6.368-457.0 + 400 mm - 4.85 - 5.72 GPM
Karcher iSolar 800
Karcher iSolar 800
+ Dual Disc: 800mm / 32 inches
32" scrubbing path
+ Pressure Washer, Wand, Hose Attachments Required

Parts Numbers:
6.368-454.0 + 800 mm - 3.0 - 4.4 GPM
6.368-455.0 + 800 mm - > 4.84 GPM
Karcher iSolar 800
iSolar Cleaning Brushes
+ Water Volume in Gallons Per Minute
iSolar 400:
6.368-456.0 + 3.0-4.4 GPM
6.368-457.0 + 4.6-5.7 GPM

iSolar 800:
6.368-454.0 + 3.0-4.4 GPM
6.368-455.0 + 4.6-5.7 GPM
Karcher iSolar Wand
Telescopic Wand Attachment
+ Material: Carbon / Fiberglass Mixture
5'-46' Retractable Lengths

Parts Numbers:
4.107-052.0 + TL14 C 7-45 ft Wand
4.107-055.0 + TL10 C 7-33 ft Wand
4.107-054.0 + TL7 H 5-23 ft Wand
Karcher iSolar Hose
High Pressure Hose
+ Material: High Quality Rubber Coated
311 Degree F Hot Water Rating

Parts Numbers:
6.392-976.0 + HP 14 49 ft Hose
6.392-977.0 + HP 10 38 ft Hose
6.392-978.0 + HP 7 28 ft Hose
Karcher iSolar Soap
Solar Panel Soap Cleanser
+ Optional: Highly Biodegradable, Gentle
RM 99 Solar Cleaner Soap Detergent

Parts Numbers:
8.698-094.0 + RM 99 - Solar and Photovoltaic soap cleanser to remove dirt, grease, and prevent limescale buildup.

Not currently available as a used machine.


Cleaning Path:

iSolar 400: 16"- 400 mm single disc.
iSolar 800: 32"- 800 mm dual disc.

Flow Rate:

iSolar 400: 4.85 to 5.72 GPM.
iSolar 800: 3.0 to 4.4 GPM.

Hot Water:

iSolar 400: Up to 104 degree F.
iSolar 800: Up to 104 degree F.

Required Equipment: Compatible hot or cold water pressure washer.

Required Accessories: Telescopic wand, high pressure hose.

Optional Accessories: RM 99 Detergent, Water Softener.

Connector Thread: M 18.

Factory Warranty: Contact Caliber for details


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List Price:
Starts at $1,745 +

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