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factory cat XR

Factory Cat XR

Industrial Rider Floor Scrubber

The Factory Cat XR Ride On Floor Scrubber provides new choices in both durability and productivity by reproducing the rugged construction previously seen in the Factory Cat predecessors.

These Cylindrical Rider Scrubbers/Sweepers increase your productivity by carrying more cleaning solution than other rider scrubbers in this larger scrub path size range. Keeping the operator at task increases your overall efficiency, and increasing the cleaning solution volume generates longer run times between refills. Choose a disk style scrub deck for floor scrubbing, or a cylindrical style scrub deck for both wet sweeping of light debris and floor scrubbing.

With a rugged powder coated steel frame this machine is guranteed to get through the toughest cleaning jobs. Operator control panel provides all scrub controls at your fingertips while maintaining an overview of operation.

Refurbished: $13,995.00
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factory cat xr
Factory Cat XR 40C - No Side Brooms - 40 inch Cyindrical
SN: 69036 - Mfg: 2012 - 2 months parts and labor warranty
List: $26,000
Price: 13,995.00

Questions? Call Steve888-550-0945
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factory cat xr
Factory Cat XR 40C + Side Brooms 40 inch Cyindrical
SN: 96436 - Mfg: 2017 - 2 months parts and labor warranty
List: $29,000
Price: $15,495.00

Questions? Call Steve888-550-0945
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Why Our Refurbishment Process is Different:
Not just "Used" - Caliber's Machines are rebuilt from the frame up, including:

Brand New Batteries

• Replacement of all wearables.

• Inspection and servicing of all machine parts and components including: bearings, gaskets, filters, and power cords.

• brushes in the electric motors are evaluated, and hydraulic motors are inspected and resealed.

• All aesthetics are addressed including tank scratches and dents, peeling decals, chipped paint and rust.

SHIPPING: Machines are refurbished to order - Please allow 3-4 weeks for delivery.

Caliber's 60 DAY WARRANTY: 2 months parts & labor warranty - if we happen to miss something it will show up within the first few weeks of use and we will take care of it!


• Compare the scrub path of an XR model scrubber to smaller scrub path machines that have similar prices.  Wider scrub paths require fewer trips down the aisle to finish your cleaning job. Part of your cost to complete a job is operator time.  Less operator time to complete a job improves productivity and lowers your total costs.

•Operator productivity improves when you require fewer trips across the facility to fill and dump solution tanks. The large 65 gallon solution tanks offered on the XR offer you 50% more capacity than the 42 or 45 gallons seen on competitor machines. Model XR solution tanks will increase operator time actually scrubbing by 50% over similar scrub path model floor scrubbers. Ultimately the operator will require less time to complete the task. This lowers your total costs.

•"Central Command II" Energy Management System.

Disk: Two 1.0 HP 265 RPM Direct Gear Drive Brush Motors, with (2) brushes (any fiber).

Cylindrical: Two 1.5 HP / 350 rpm Scrub Motors, with (2) brushes (any fiber).

• Dual (650 Watt) 3-Stage Vacuum Motor.

• 7-Gauge (3/16") All-Steel Frame.

• Automatic brush pressure control, with 5 settings from 0 to 350 lbs.

• 36 volt / 325 AH Battery Pack, and 36 amp (110-v / 60 Hz) fully automatic charger.

• L.C.D. readout for trouble shooting with diagnostic codes & readout for solution flow, brush pressure, battery gauge, & (3) hour meters.

• Heavy Duty Tires (Front and Rear) for Chemical Resistance.


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