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ipc eagle CT15 scrubber

IPC Eagle CT40 ECS

Commercial Walkbehind Floor Scrubber

The IPC Eagle CT40 ECS is a brand new floor scrubber that is the first in their new line of green cleaning equipment! The CT40 featured Eagles ECS, EcoCost Cleaning Solutions, standard- an environmentally friendly, low-impact scrubber that uses overall 90% less water and cleaning solution than your standard automatic scrubber. The new ECS systems can save up to 12,000 gallons of water, 150 gallons of chemicals, and 250 labor hours per year. The new ECS is truly the "The Ultimate Green Cleaning Machine."

We were testing our demonstration unit in our shop and we saw the results of the CT40 first hand- by just using water and the basic functions of this machine we saw a huge difference between the area of the floor we scrubbed and the area we left alone. We didn't even use and soap and we were all amazed by the results!

List Price:
$5,524 - $7,864

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CT40 B50
20" Battery Scrubber
+ Choice of brush or pad driver
+ Brush Driven
+ Batteries Included
List Price: $5,524 - $6,546
CT40 BT50
20" Battery Scrubber
+ Choice of brush or pad driver
+ Traction Drive
+ Batteries Included
List Price: $6,665 - $7,686
CT40 ECS B50
20" Battery Scrubber
+ Microfiber pad holder
+ Onboard charger
+ ECS: Microfiber or Diamond Pads
List Price: $5,895 - $6,809
20" Battery Scrubber
+ Microfiber pad holder
+ Onboard charger
+ ECS: Microfiber or Diamond Pads
List Price: $6,950 - $7,864

EcoCost Cleaning
What is ECS?
ECS is a high speed 600 RPM scrub deck which can be used with diamond or microfiber pads for aggressive, chemical free cleaning.

Polished concrete floors: Physically removes the soil as it re-polishes the surface without the use of chemicals. Add lithium based chemicals for routine maintenance of any densified concrete floor, or when the original polished surface is subjected to wear and a higher gloss is desirable.
Resurface your floor: You can also polish vinyl and epoxy floors where they have suffered deterioration of their surface treatments and you want to remove a top layer.
Chemical Free: Chemicals can be eliminated when used as just a mechanical cleaning approach.

Simple Scrubbing: ECS machines can switch to a 180 RPM speed for traditional floor scrubbing!

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• 20" scrubbing path - both brush driven and traction models available.

Optional ECS: EcoCost Cleaning System reduces water consumption, chemical consumption up to 90%, and labor time up to 50% while utilizing a micro fiber scrubbing pad at a high rate of 600 RPM at a lower pressure than traditional brush/pad model versions.

Battery powered: cleaning anywhere without having depend on an outlet - Reduces energy in battery charging and energy management by 20%.

• 10 gallon solution tank / 13 gallon recovery tank.

• Special Micro fiber scrub head offers the ultimate in hygienic cleaning and powerful scrubbing.

• The controls are super simple and easy to operate.

• The Chem-Dose System will proportion your chemicals for you.

• Very low noise level so it is the perfect machine for daytime cleaning, especially in places like hospitals and health care centers.

• Extremely compact and maneuverable.

New machine warranty: 1 year parts and labor.

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List Price:
$5,524 - $7,864

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