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ipc eagle 1280 rider sweeper

IPC Eagle 1280

Commercial Battery Rider Floor Sweeper

Caliber Equipment is excited to offer for sale the IPC Eagle 1280 Rider Sweeper. It is the only battery sweeper in it's category that features a 56" hydraulic high dump waste hopper. This unique feature is desirable in that typical sweepers require the operator to manually dump the hopper while the 1280 takes the work and time out of the process.

The IPC Eagle 1280 is a solid machine. While new to the IPC Eagle line, the design is familiar and accessible with a low operational learning curve.

We also consider it a great value for the low cost and included features, making it a very competative and unique floor sweeper.

Please Note: USA Distribution has access to Battery Electric machines only. Manufacturer's literature and specs sometimes mention LPG and Diesel options which are unavailable in the US market.

List Price: 17,006 - $17,919
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ipc eagle 1280 rider sweeper
IPC Eagle 1280E
48" floor sweeper
+Includes 24 volt batteries and charger
Price: $17,006 - $17,919

Not currently available.


• 48" sweeping path - 27" main broom + dual side brooms.

Battery powered: 24 volts, Wet, Gel, and AGM battery options available.

• 28 gallon waste hopper - 55" hydraulic dump height.

• 14 cubic foot washable polyester filter with filtration at the 3 microns.

• Self leveling sweeping system for maximum surface contact.

• Large debris collection is easy with sweeping flaps to contain all objects.

• Working funtions are activated and de-activated by the traction pedal, ensuring safety of operator, machine, and conservation of battery life.

• No tools main broom access.

• Easy to use multilingual waterproof controls.

Dimensions: 63.6 x 35.7 x 47.7 inches

New machine warranty!


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List Price:
$17,006 - $17,919

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