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advance advenger cylindrical floor scrubber

Advance Advenger 2805D / 3405D / 2805C / X2805R

Commercial Rider Floor Scrubber

Available for purchase is the Nilfisk Advance Advenger Cylindrical w/ EcoFlex battery-powered riding floor scrubber. The cylindrical deck is designed to both pre sweep and clean your floors all at the same time, saving you time and increasing your productivity. By picking up small debris while scrubbing the Advenger can reach into grout lines and expansion and remove anything that gets caught in them, whereas a disc scrub deck would not be able to. This machine boasts a productivity of 39,424 sq ft/hr.

Included is Advance's EcoFlex soap management system, which reduces the amount of chemicals used on your floor by automatically controlling the solution mixture while reducing the use of water by up to 70%. The low-flow detergent-dispensing EcoFlex System lets operators match the Advenger’s performance to the average soil content on the floor – just enough to get the job done.

List Price: $20,804 - $21,249
MAP Price: $16,430 - $19,124 -10% Off
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advance advenger advance advenger advance advenger advance advenger advance advenger advance advenger

Advance 2805D
Advance Advenger 2805D & X2805D Disc
28" scrubbing path
+ (4) 310 AH wet battery pack
+ Ecoflex soap mixing OPTIONAL
List: $18,256 - $20,135
Price: $16,430 - $17,720 -10%
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Advance 2805D
Advance Advenger X3405D Disc
34" scrubbing path
+ (4) 310 AH wet battery pack
+ Ecoflex soap mixing INCLUDED
List: $20,525 - $20,971
Price: $18,473 - $18,874 -10%
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Advance SC6500
Advance Advenger X2805C Cylindrical
28" scrubbing path
+ (4) 310 AH wet battery pack
+ Ecoflex soap mixing INCLUDED
List: $20,804 - $21,249
Price: $18,724 - $19,124 -10%
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Advance 3405D
Used Advance Advenger X3405D AXP - 34" Disc Rider Scrubber
SN: 3000009113 - mfg 2009 - 2 months warranty.
+ Includes onboard charger.
Price: $10,995.00
Compare At: $18,900 New

Ships with: Choice of pad drivers or brushes, new batteries, and our full refurbishment.
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• Cylindrical and Disc decks.

Battery Powered: x4 batteries on a 24 volt system - Wet & AGM batteries / on-board & off-board charger options available.

Cylindrical deck: Two cylindrical brushes operate at 900 RPM (3 times the fastest disk style speed). Cylindrical scrubbers have two machine width brooms that sweep solid debris into a tray while also washing the floor. You eliminate pre sweeping the floor for greater productivity. This 36 volt scrubber is operated by six batteries for a long run time.

Ecoflex: For high-traffic or heavily soiled areas, the EcoFlex System includes a unique “burst of power” feature that temporarily increases the detergent strength, solution flow and brush pressure for deep scrubbing. This eliminates the need for double scrubbing or using a second machine for areas such as lobbies and entryways.

Allows use of any detergent, including green-certified or water-only cleaning.

Automatically measures detergent at the desired ratio Dispenses detergent along with clean water just as solution is applied to the floor. Eliminates solution pre-mixing so there’s no water or detergent waste, and no solution tank to empty or clean.

• 63.7 dBa.

• 28 gallon solution tank, 29 recovery tank.

• .5 HP brush motor - 900 RPM.

• 60 / 80 / 100 lb scrub pressure.

• .75 HP vacuum motor - 63" of sealed water lift.

Dimensions L/W/H: 60" x 27.5" x 51.7".

Weight: 1400 lbs (w/ batteries).

Warranty: 5 years parts, 2 years labor, 180 days travel, 1 year parts/labor vacuum motor, 8 years tanks.

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Caliber's Price:
$16,430 - $19,124

List Price:$20,804 - $21,249
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