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Madvac LN50

Madvac LR 50

Madvac LR50 / LN50

Litter Collector

The Madvac LR50 / LN50 is an upgraded version of the older Madvac 101 litter collector. They took the best of the old and combined it with the newest and most innovative designs of their current machines to create a cost-efficient vacuum that is perfect for more confined spaces. The LR50 / LN50 is great for cleaning sidewalks, parks, parking decks, alleys, and other public spaces. With it's small sleek design you can pick up litter as it is created as the LR50 / LN50 is completely safe to use around pedestrians.


• 28 HP Kubota liquid-cooled diesel engine, 10.6 gallon fuel tank with automotive power steering with up to 16 miles per hour is standard.
-For high altitudes there is an optional 31 HP turbo gasoline engine as well as an optional 36 HP propane engine.

• Suction with no restrictions.
• 120 gallon capacity: 80 gallon welded steel container. 2:1 self compacting vacuum system, easy bag removal!

• 24 sq. feet working area with 270 degree hose movement.

• Indoor or outdoor use.

• Bench seat with seatbelt, fuel gauge, water temperature readout, hourmeter, ampmeter, and a low oil pressure warning light.

• No-jam fan is completely protected from contact with any litter.

• 2900 CFM vacuum system, vacuum fan shutoff.

• Optional hose extentions of various sizes: 15' & 25' with an 8" diameter available.

• Fan never comes in contact with litter.

• Optional 2-micron dust filtration system.

• Optional bagless debris system (kevlar).

• Optional all wheel drive with full suspension, you could go off road litter collecting with this machine. Parking break, rear breaking, and headlights/tail-lights.

• Optional "Power Arm" enables effortless collection of litter.

• Optional hose extensions: 5x15 slinky wanderhose, 5x15 C/W 8" adaptor hose, 48" vacuum head with hydraulic functions and dual vac port, 48" head with hydraulic gutter broom, and a 36" vacuum head.

• Optional leaf collection system and hoppper as well as an optional rake and broom holder.

Warranty: Fan casing has a lifetime warranty.

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madvac LR50

Madvac LR50

Madvac LR50

Madvac LR50