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Factory Cat 48 / 48HD

Used Industrial Rider Floor Sweeper

This machine is available REFURBISHED ONLY.

Why a Factory Cat 48 instead of other sweepers?

As air pressure is generated by the rapid rotation of the sweeping broom, it causes air to want to escape the broom chamber through gaps in the rubber skirts, and end up surrounding the operator and the sweeper. Dust filters are installed in sweepers to divert the air flow and screen out this dust.

Typical commercial floor sweepers use a paper panel filter to screen this air. However, extreme dust can clog the folds of a paper filter blocking the air flow at the filter’s paper surface. Even the use of a mechanical shaker will not totally clear the imbedded dust from these closely packed leaves. It is this point where the paper filter is replaced. This can be a significant expense at 80 to 160 dollars per filter.

The Factory Cat 48 has a very effective dust screening design not seen on other small rider floor sweepers.  It uses a permanently mounted polyester felt filter to capture large amounts of air born dust from inside the broom chamber, without blocking the passage of air through the filter. When the dust reaches a point a of saturation on the filter, it will fall back into the debris hopper. A hand operated mechanical filter shaker is used to assist this process. This style of filter is called a "bag house" filter and is often seen in wood shops and industrial plants.

We have installed this style sweeper machine in Norfolk VA shipyards, bagged chemical warehouses, lime mines, concrete bag plants, machine shops, and kitty litter factories with great success. No other small rider sweeper will work as well at controlling dust and also handle the rough use applications. If it works well on these tough jobs, you can be assured that it will work great in more typical applications, and keep your maintenance costs low as well.


• Two side brooms and a main broom create a 48 inch sweeping path.

• A 4.0 cubic foot hopper slides from the side of the frame to manually dump accumulated debris.

• Two or four 185 AH batteries will operate the sweeper for 4 to 8 continuous hours.

• Shown with optional battery operated vacuums for "off the aisle" debris or dust.

• The battery charger is built in.

• The bag house dust filter is shaken clean by a motorized paddle.

• May be used for inside or outside applications. Where dust control is the major concern, there is no more effective rider machine.

Warranty: 2 months parts & labor warranty.

Refurbished Equipment Available:
Factory Cat 48- 48" Sweeper - S/N: 44135 - 2 months parts & labor warranty.
Price: $6,495.00 - SOLD
Compare At: $11,400.00 New

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We Guarantee our product will come in perfect working condition with brand new batteries & wearables- but if the machine fails within 60 days we will follow manufacturer's warranty guidelines and resolve any issues!

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factory cat 48HD

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