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Detergent and other Cleaning Chemicals.

There are several detergent programs available through Caliber Equipment Inc.  Here are just three.
1.) Lithium Restoration Cleaning - A do-it-yourself process to restore that 'wet look' gloss to your floor.

2.) Refillable bulk container program. Limited to locations within a 120 mile radius of our shop.

3.) 55 gallon drums shipped directly to the users facility- we split LTL freight costs.

4.) Super concentrated detergents - we utilize UPS delivery services world wide.

1.) Lithium Restoration Cleaning.

Supplies available to ship worldwide.

Caliber Equipment is proud to present the Lithium Floor Restoration Cleaning Process.

You will not believe how effective and easy achieving that shine will be. By utilizing this process your previously finished or polished floors will gain that same wet glossy shine that you see pictured above. Your floors will not just look amazing, but this process will also protect against stains, scuffs, and general surface wear.

This process works because the lithium product is not a topical wax or gloss- it literally becomes one with your existing cement floors. The product seeps into the tiny pores that are already present in the cement and bonds chemically with it. Once the lithium product binds and hardens and is buffed that shine is brought to the surface. That shine is actually the new natural look of your floors, your floor has literally been transformed. Also, because the lithium product has bonded with your floors instead of being applied as a second layer like many other floor chemicals you will have long-lasting results that are easier to maintain.
First Step:
-Clean your floors of any surface dirt or grime as well as make sure any existing sacrificial coating that may have been put on comes off.

Second Step:
-Apply the lithium floor product to your floors then use a high-speed propane burnisher and our diamond pads on the surface- this is the step that produces that amazing shine that you see above! You can rinse and repeat as you wish in order to achieve your desired gloss- after about 3 coats your floors will be dazzling!

-Maintenance is super simple: Just use the same diamond grit pads and high speed burnisher to buff out any scuffs or marks and bring back that luster as you see fit.
What's even more impressive about this product is that the Lithium floor chemical is completely green & environmentally friendly. That means you don't need to worry about apply a harmful chemical to your floors. Also, this product meets the standards for slip resistance set by CSMA.

Interested yet? Call us at (888) 550-0945 for more information! We can supply you with everything you need in order to get your floors looking great!

2.) Refillable bulk container program.

Limited to a 120 mile radius.

-Caliber Equipment Inc.’s refillable container is designed to dispense cleaning solution concentrate directly into floor scrubber tanks, and mop buckets, creating a safer environment for the operator and improving your overall cost effectiveness.

1. The cleaning solution we provide is called Caliber Heavy Duty Cleaner-Degreaser. Please call for our MSDS sheet and product specifics. We recommend this product for most floor scrubber applications based on its’ excellent performance characteristics and its’ high relative value. Our cleaning solution is a concentrate and is designed to be mixed with cold or hot water. The ratio of concentrate to water is variable, and we would be happy to suggest an initial ratio based on your application.  Heavily soiled floors require an initial level of about 16 parts water to one part detergent.

2. The concentrated solution is brought to your facility in 55 gallon drums, and is transferred by our electric pump and hose into a plastic container capable of holding at least the volume of two drums. A 140 gallon plastic container is provided at no additional cost to you, and should be positioned within a few feet of a standard water faucet. It is not fixed, and a full container can be safely moved through the use of a standard pallet jack or forklift.

3. The solution is combined with your water through a mixing device that is attached to the tank. This proportions the ratio of soap to water so that the mixture is appropriate to work in your scrubber effectively. As it mixes with water, the solution is dispensed directly into the scrubber through an attached hose. The operator manually shuts off this flow by releasing a constant contact button when the scrubber is filled with clean solution.

4. Caliber Equipment personnel will monitor the tank level status through telephone inquiry. A Caliber Equipment delivery person should be contacted to refill the container when it is down to one quarter full. After your initial solution purchase, you would be invoiced for only the amount necessary to refill the tank.  Their is no extra charge for delivery, tote, mixing station, or routine maintenance on the system. Special applications may be addressed with different cleaning solutions. Please advise us of your concerns.

Benefits of the program.

1. Our cleaning solution is a low foaming, effective, and biogradable cleaning solution. We feel that it provides an excellent cost/benefit value. Its’ low foaming characteristic will protect your vacuum motors and reduce repairs costs.

2. Refillable containers eliminate the receiving of drums, inventory control, and the disposal of empty containers. This helps to improve productivity. It also eliminates the possibility of empty drums (with your organization’s name on it) from being misappropriated by being refilled with a hazardous waste and dumped illegally.

3. Cleaning solutions are mostly caustic chemicals, which when bought in contact with eyes, at full strength, can lead to serious injury. By eliminating the direct handling of the concentrate, you have improved the safety of your employees and reduced your organization’s liability.

4. Cost efficiency is enhanced when you control the use of solution through a mixing device that allows you to set the correct ratio of soap to water. Manual mixing may result in your operator using too little soap, resulting in poor cleaning performance. The use of too much soap is wasteful and can even damage the machine. When you preset the ratio, you are able to reliably control one of your costs, and maximize performance.

5. Inventory control is often improved by having a system that monitors your needs based on a routine schedule. Our mixing station can help you to avoid running out of product, reducing delays, and improving housekeeping.

6. Refillable mixing stations reduce purchasing time and expense. They are ideally suited for yearly contract purchase orders that assign price, and maximum quantity, but leave delivery schedules open. Or if you prefer, we can contact you by phone after a refill, and you may then assign a purchase order or provide a credit card authorization for payment.

If at any time after choosing this program, our performance fails to satisfy you or your organization, we will credit you for any product not used, and quickly remove our equipment without any further expense to you.

3.)55 gallon drums shipped directly to the users facility.

We split LTL freight costs.

Our standard cleaner degreaser is available in standard plastic 55 gallon sealed drums. We charge you 50% of the actual freight bill from our LTL carrier. This adds about $1 per gallon to the overall cost of a drum.

4.)Super concentrated detergents

We utilize UPS delivery services world wide.

755 High Power Super concentrated formula.
-We expect the number of uses to be equal to a similar 55 gallon drum of normal soap concentrate.


-Greatly reduced space requirements.

-Not difficult to handle like drums and safer due to reduced weight.

-Lower PH - no caustic label.

-Portion control saves money due to elimination of waste.

-11 gpm dispenser features a higher volume for higher productivity (industry standard is 4 gpm and some are as little as1 gpm).

-Locking rack accepts a padlock for security.

-Clear visibility for easy inventory control.

-When switching to the 2nd container in the rack, it may serve as a reminder to reorder.
Price Breakdown:
Drum in a Box: (2 x 2.5 gallon)
-PC755-2x25: 755 High Power Industrial Strength Degreaser
+ $410.00

-PC120SYN: Supercon Express Dispenser 11 gpm Dispenser
+ $263.00

-PC122SYN: Supercon Locking Rack, holds 2x2.5 bottles
+ $81.00

$754.00 - Total System Cost - Delivered

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