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Celebrating 20 years! Established in 1996

Caliber Equipment, Inc. is a full service distributor of industrial and commercial floor cleaning machines and affiliated products, offering a selection of floor scrubbers and sweepers and their parts for sale. We are a family-based business operating out of Richmond, Virginia since 1996 that has been selling to customers all across the world for 20 years. Whether you're looking for heavy duty high-performance equipment for rugged applications like a shipyard or airport, or a smaller sized machine that fits into a more commercial niche, we will help you find the perfect machine. For those local to us we can meet you on-site for repairs, service and demonstrations. Give us a call- we're here to help!

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Viper AS510B Scrubber
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Save $500 on Viper Scrubbers
Coupon Code: 500OFFVIPER
Viper AS510B Walkbehind 20" Scrubber: $3,743
Take $500 off!

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Viper AS710B Ride On 28" Scrubber: $8,263
Take $500 off!

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Viper AS710r Scrubber
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advance warrior 32D
Factory Demo: Advance Warrior 32D-C
Factory Warranty & AXP upgrade available

List: $16,000
Price: $7,995 - $8,350

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ipc eagle CT70 floor scrubber
Factory Demo: IPC Eagle CT70 28 inch Scrubber with ECS & Factory Warranty
List: $8,000
Price: $3,995.00

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Clarke focus II midsize scrubber
Sale: New Clarke Midsize Disc Scrubbers
Decks Sizes: 26 inch, 28 inch, and 32 inch
List: $11,270 - $15,170
Price: $10,548+ CALL STEVE FOR PRICES!

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Special Deals on these Refurbished Machines: See them all!
advance warrior scrubber
Advance Warrior
28 inch and 32 inch disc decks
Caliber's Price: $4,795.00+
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tennant-5700 scrubber
Tennant 5700
28 inch and 32 inch disc decks
Price: $5,295.00+
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viper as710 rider scrubber
Advance Condor Rider
Former Rental Fleet Machines
Price: $17,995.00+
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commercial floor sweepers
IPC Eagle is our go-to Vendor of commercial floor sweepers
IPC Eagle 512ET
IPC Eagle 512ET
28 inch Commercial Sweeper
List Price: $3,993 - $4,342
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IPC Eagle 712ET
IPC Eagle 712ET
36 inch Sweeping Path
List Price: $5,766 - $6,464
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IPC Eagle 1280 sweeper
IPC Eagle 512R Rider
28 inch Ride On Sweeper
List Price: $6,300.00
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refurbished and used floor cleaning machines
Check out our refurbished machines and save a ton of money by choosing a used floor scrubber which feature our sixty day parts and labor warranty. We stand behind our refurbished product!
Advance Warrior disk style floor scrubber
Advance Warrior AXP:
Price $4,995.00
Tennant 5700 Scrubber
Tennant 5700 Cylindrical:
Price $5,995.00
The tennant T20 industrial rider scrubber
Tennant T20 Scrubber: Price $25,995.00
an industrial rider floor scrubber machine
Advance Advengers:
Price $5,995.00
advance SC750 scrubber
Advance SC750 Disk Style:
Price $4,395.00
the advance convertamatic is a popular seller
Advance Convertamatic:
Price $4,195.00
Kent Razor 20B battery floor scrubber
Kent Razor 20B Scrubber:
Price $1,995.00+
Nobles Speed Scrub 3301
Nobles Speed Scrub 3301: Price $3,795.00+
value cleaning machines
Great Machines at Unbeatable Prices Also check out our Demonstration Floor Cleaning Machines, and Brand New Floor Cleaning Equipment
tennant-M30 floor sweeper scrubber
Tennant M30 Swp/Scr: Price $30,495.00+
advance SW8000 floor sweeper
Advance SW8000: Price $18,995.00+
american lincoln 3366 sweeper
American Lincoln 3366XP: Price $24,995.00
tennant 6400 sweeper
Tennant 6400 Sweeper: Price $15,995.00+
tennant S8 floor sweeper
Tennant S8 Battery: Price $2,595.00
advance 4600B floor sweeper
Nobles Scout 28B Battery: Price $2,195.00
the betco BPS 26 is a simple to operate floor sweeper
Betco BPS 26 Sweeper: Price $1,895.00
Tennant Scout 37 B Sweeper
Tennant Scout 37B: Price SOLD
Frequntly Asked Questions

• What affects the cleaning capability of my machine? Greater Down pressure, more brush speed, more brush surface in contact (disk), more brush texture (grit), and stronger (caustic) cleaning solutions positively affect extreme cleaning capability...READ MORE

• Should I purchase a new or a used floor scrubber for my facility? The decision to purchase either a new or used machine really comes down to cost...READ MORE

• The importance of GREEN cleaning! We all know that as humans we have a huge impact upon our planet. We produce a large amount of waste which is the whole reason we require cleaning machines in the first place...READ MORE

• Take caution when using a high foaming detergent! Soaps such as Simple Green are known to be a high foaming detergent. I would use caution because the foam can bypass machine floatation devices designed to restrict the recovery water from entering into the vacuum motor and end up causing damage...READ MORE

• What is the between traction driven and a brush driven? The brush drive system is used to propel a walk behind scrubber forward when the scrub brushes are rotating on the floor while a traction system on an automatic unit utilizes it's own drive motor to power forward...READ MORE

• What do I do if my floor has expansion cuts that collect debris? Oftentimes when encountering expansion cuts- the vacuum hose will become clogged with the debris that has been caught in these spaces...READ MORE

• What is the difference between cylindrical and disc? Cylindrical brushes are designed to sweep up light debris while also scrubbing your floors while disc scrubbing decks utilize a flat pad or brush to polish up grime...READ MORE

• Read this information about purchasing from our web site! Purchasing equipment from our web site is easy- we do not offer a direct buy option for our machines because we want to talk to each of our customers in order to help them find the perfect piece of equipment based on their specific needs and applications...READ MORE

More Frequently Asked Questions

general manager and owner steve baker
Founded by Steve Baker
Owner & General Manager
Steve Baker entered the industrial cleaning equipment market in the early 1990s and has since expanded Caliber Equipment into both a local east coast sales and repair hub as well as a vast online supplier and resource for floor cleaning machine information. You can connect with him via and Facebook.

As a small business that specializes in the distribution of equipment for cleaning, Caliber Equipment can offer you a wide selection of scrubbers and floor sweepers from American and International manufacturers. When seeking an informed choice on cleaning equipment, you will find that over a decade of experience is available to you through Caliber Equipment.

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Nilfisk Advance Advenger Scrubber Training Video

Advance Condor XL Rider Scrubber Sweeper

Viper Viper AS510B Scrubber Demo

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