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Combination Sweeper Scrubbers, Industrial Outdoor Cleaning

Combination Sweeper Scrubbers are intended for dry sweeping and wet scrubbing. These types of machines are perfect for floors that may need more attention than just that of either a sweeper or a scrubber. Get two jobs done with just one machine. Refer to the information on our Guide to Buying page to learn more about sweeping & scrubbing paths and how to determine how large or small of a machine you need.

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combustion engine ride on floor scrubber
Industrial Outdoor Sweeper Scrubbers are designed to hit two birds with one stone - these machines can sweep and scrub in a single pass, saving you time and increasing your productivity. With dedicated sweeping and scrubbing systems, these machines are versatile in a way no other category of cleaning machine can match.

Combustion Machines:
Gas, diesel, and LPG powered machines are the most common variation.

Hybrid Machines:
Hybrid combustion/battery configurations are more energy efficient and leave a smaller carbon footprint.
American Lincoln 7765
Nilfisk Advance 7765

• Hydraulic operations.
• 54" scrubber, 60" sweeper.
• Gas or LP or Diesel fueled.

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advance cs7000
Nilfisk Advance CS7000

• Hybrid Battery Technology.
• Up to 61 inch sweeping path.
• 48 inch triple disc scrub deck.

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