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Rental Equipment

Floor Scrubber, Floor Sweepers, and Floor Cleaning Equipment for Rent.

Rental Rates are available by phone: 1-888-550-0945

Caliber Equipment has an extensive stock of equipment available for you to rent. Available to you is a selection of both commercial and non-commercial equipment with rates that reflect your specific situation. Need a machine for a day? No problem. 6 months? We can help you. Because our rental rates vary depending on every customers individual situation, please call us for a rental quote.

Below are some of our standard machines we have available to rent:

Advance Convertamatic

Advance Convertamatic

Battery Operated Walk Behind Scrubber

• Available as Disk.
• 26 inch scrubbing path.
• Perfect for retail environments.

Available for Daily/Weekly Rentals

advance captor

Advance Captor

Battery Operated Rider Scrubber

• 45" cylindrical scrubber.
• Presweeps the floor before scrubbing.
• Perfect for indoor and outdoor locations.

Available for Daily/Weekly Rentals

american lincoln 7765

American Lincoln 7765

Combustion Engine Rider Sweeper

• Large capacity sweeper.
• Sweeps up large debris & controls dust.
• Perfect for outdoor industrial locations.

Available for Daily/Weekly Rentals


1. Rates do not include a delivery charge. Add 50 dollars within a 10 miles radius. Add 100 dollars within a 30 mile radius. Add 150 dollars within a 60 miles radius. Add 200 dollars within a 90 mile radius. These rates may be modified higher or lower based on length of rental and flexibility of delivery. Emergency or weekend delivery rates are one and a half the rates listed.

2. Rates listed are for a single shift, daily operation. Hour meter readings will be taken at the beginning and end of the rental period. Extra charges will be assessed when time exceeds a 6 hour day, 36 hours per week, 144 hours per month. Call to terminate open ended rentals.

3. Rental rates do include routine maintenance service with no extra charge for labor, travel, or wear parts ( normal use ). Renter is responsible for the daily maintenance checks of fuel, engine oil, coolant, battery fluids and battery charge levels. Where machine repairs are necessary, and are the result of operator abuse, additional charges will be assessed based on our normal rates for labor and parts. You will be invoiced for missing machines, chargers, brooms, brushes, accessories, propane tanks, or other items lost due to theft, misplacement, or neglect.

4. Listed rental charges do not apply to machines used on extremely abrasive surfaces, a brush/squeegee surcharge will be added when blacktop surfaces, ridged concrete, or traction surfaces produce unusual brush or squeegee wear. Where these conditions exist, you may ask for an advance quotation based on possible wear.

5. Acid etches and extremely caustic strippers may corrode painted metal surfaces or damage poly tanks. Orange solvents, (used in some cleaning solutions), will dissolve rubber or plastic components. Such damage to equipment will be considered operator abuse.

6. Vacuum motors on scrubbers are subject to damage when the recovery tank capacity is exceeded, when excessive foam builds up in the recovery tank, or when dry debris is picked up during transport over a dry surface. Such damage is considered operator abuse.

7. Caliber Equipment Inc., will clean your rental equipment as part of your service. Please rinse off rental machine after use, and empty tanks and hopper at your job site prior to our pickup. Dried concrete, paint and sealer residue, or other permanent damage to the machine surface, will be treated as operator abuse and will be subject to additional charges.

8.Cleaning solutions and water based concrete sealers may be purchased separately in 5 gallon pails or 55 gallon drums. Unused solution is generally returnable for full credit if the original containers have remained unopened.

9. A full battery charge or initial fuel supply is included with rentals. Any extra fuel or battery recharge, is the renter’s responsibility. Arrangements may be made with Caliber Equipment regarding the use of battery chargers or the purchase of extra propane tanks.

10. Transport of the rental machine to other locations without notification to Caliber Equipment Inc is prohibited.

11. Operator training is included at no extra charge when completed with the machine delivery. Other arrangements are available. Renter accepts and understands that Caliber Equipment has either offered, or provided, training and safety instructions for our equipment. By acceptance of this agreement, you are acknowledging your responsibility for its’ care and safe operation.

12. Rental equipment is sent to your site with the understanding that it is ready and suitable for its’ intended use. If equipment fails, Caliber Equipment Inc. will make every effort to repair or resolve any problems in a timely manner. Acceptance of our agreement confirms your understanding that Caliber Equipment Inc. will be held harmless for lost productivity or financial damages due to contract completion delays.