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multisweep 725C

multisweep 725C

multisweep 725C

multisweep 725C

MultiSweep 725C

Industrial Attachment Sweeper

This machine is available NEW.

The MultiSweep Model 725C is a large sized industrial sweeping machine that is perfect for applications that require large or dense debris collection as well as fine sand and dust collection. This is an extremely heavy-duty mahcine. The way the 725C is designed makes it suitable for the upkeep of building sites, concrete yards, bottling plants, warehouses, builders merchant/ DIY, docks/ grain stores, quarries, waste and recyling, and plant locations.

One of the most interesting features of the MultiSweep line is how they are driven. The model 725C is designed to be attached to a forklift via the actual forks. By taking advantage of a peice of equipment you already use, the 725C becomes an integrated part of your routine. It is located right on site for instant use!


• Collects as it sweeps- dust, sand, etc. are cleaned while larger debris is picked up and placed into the hopper.

• The hopper can be either hydraulically or manually opened from within the vehicle you are operating from. It lowers simply by moving forward with the multisweep, it automatically lowers back into place.

• Available with the option of an independant power pack- the machine comes furbished with an engine, hydraulic reservoir, and pump.

• Optional side broom proveides extra sweeping for things suck as curbs and getting close to walls.

• Superior Dust Control - All MultiSweep models have two options available for dust control: Electric/Power Dust Control where a high-pressure jet of water is used on the area being swept to create a "blanket" like effect that when swept up reduces the amount of fugitive dust expelled. The second option is the Gravity Dust Control System where water drips via the gravity feed located on the front of the machine onto the area being swept to help dust control along with Dust Control Skirting.

• This is the choice machine for Irish construction sites in the entire market.

Price Range: Call for Pricing!

New Machine:
Price Range: Call for Pricing!

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multisweep 725C

multisweep 725C

multisweep 725C

multisweep 725C