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mach me plus floor sweeper

Mach ME & ME Plus (MEP)

Walk behind Floor Sweeper

The Mach ME & ME Plus Manual Floor Sweeper is a is a electronic-free entirely manual self-propelled sweeper solution from Mach. Mach machines really impressed us from the design up to the quality of their final product.

Model ME: features a forward & reverse capable sweeper with a generous sized 7 gallon hopper and a durable steel frame.

Model MEP Plus: Indentical to the Model ME the ME Plus also includes a dust filtration system. This is the eonly manual sweeper we have encountered that includes dust filtration!

The ABS thermoplastic housing paired with the coated steel frame give the Mach ME machines a solid, durable construction.

The Mach ME & MEP are 29 inch floor sweepers.

List Price: $874 - $1,127
Mach MEPlus Mach MEP Mach manual sweeper Mach sweeper Mach ME Mach MEPlus Mach MEPlus Mach MEPlus

Mach ME
Manual Sweeper
29" Sweeper
+ Manual Push Sweeper
+ Dust Filtration NOT Included
+ Weight: 54 lbs
List Price: $874
Mach ME Plus (MEP)
Manual Sweeper + Dust Control
29" Sweeper
+ Manual Push Sweeper
+ Dust Filtration Included
+ Weight: 56.2 lbs
List Price: $1,127


• 29" sweeping path / 20" main broom.

Dust Filtration: Included with model ME Plus.

Power: This is a manual sweeper, which means th emain broom and side broom rotate when the sweeper is pushed forward or pulled back.

• Forward & reverse sweeping capabilities.

7 gallon capacity hopper / 1 gallon rear dirt container.

Productivity: Up to 23,573 sq ft/hr.

Weight: 54-56.2 lbs.

New machine warranty: Contact us for factory warranty details.

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List Price:
$874 - $1,127

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