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mach M810 floor scrubber

Mach M710

Walk behind Floor Scrubber

The Mach M710 Walk Behind Floor Scrubber is an industrial floor scrubbing machine suitable for aggressive cleaning within a manufacturing or factory setting. This high capacity scrubber is capable of productivity up to 39,289 sq feet/hour, with a number up upgrades avaiable to customize for your application, the Mach M710 is a great option.

Mach M710 scrubbers come in different builds:

M710 Trac M is the electronic free mechanical build with a self propelling drive motor.

M710 Eco is a self propelled machine equipped with a water recycling system for extended runtime.

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List Price: $8,889 - $9,420
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mach M710 floor scrubber
Mach M710 - Trac M
Trac M: Mechanical / Electronic Free
28" Dual Disc
+ 24 volt / x2 12 volt batteries
+ 20 gallon capacity
+ 679 lbs w/ batteries
List Price: $8,889.00
To purchase call Steve Baker 888-550-0945

mach M710 floor scrubber
Mach M710 - Eco
Eco: Water Recyling System
28" Disc
Self Propelled
+ 24 volt / x2 12 volt batteries
+ 20 gallon capacity
+ 699 lbs w/ batteries
List Price: $9,420.00

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• 28" disk style scrubbing path.

Battery Powered: 24 volt / x2 12 volt batteries - self-propelled.

• 20 gallon solution tank / 21 gallon recovery tank.

Chrome / Stainless Steel: An optional upgrade for the chassis and squeegee - stainless steel fittings will resist rust and extend the life of your machine.

EcoSystem: A water recycling system that refreshes used water and solution:

- Save Water EcoSystem can recycle water up to 5 times per fill.

- Save Labor Wasted time spent on dumping and refilling is eliminated.

- Save Money Let money spent on water and chemicals puts more money back in your pocket.

- Save the Environment Reduce your enviromental footprint by using less resources and less chemicals.

MDS: An optional onboard chemical solution management system.

Aluminum Brush Head: The impact resistant aluminum brush head is equipped with splashguard protection, eliminating any side splash and keeping solution inside the brush housing for greater control. Easy to use hands-free brush replacement keeps operators from kneeling on the floor to inspect or rotate brushes.

MSCS: An optional solution stop system that activates and deactivates solution flow with the engagement of the brushes. (*included with TRAC machine configurations).

Productivity: Up to 39,289 sq ft/hr.

Shipping Weight: 679+ lbs with batteries.

New machine warranty: Contact us for factory warranty details.

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List Price:
$8,889 - $9,420

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