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mach M810 floor scrubber

Mach M710

Walk behind Floor Scrubber

The Mach M710 Walk Behind Floor Scrubber is an industrial floor scrubbing machine suitable for aggressive cleaning within a manufacturing or factory setting. This high capacity scrubber is capable of productivity up to 39,289 sq feet/hour, with a number up upgrades avaiable to customize for your application, the Mach M710 is a great option.

Mach M710 scrubbers come in different builds:

M710 Trac M is the electronic free mechanical build with a self propelling drive motor.

M710 Eco is a self propelled machine equipped with a water recycling system for extended runtime.

Check out our Mach M710 training video:

List Price: $8,889 - $9,420
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mach M710 floor scrubber
Mach M710 - Trac M
Trac M: Mechanical / Electronic Free
28" Dual Disc
+ 24 volt / x2 12 volt batteries
+ 20 gallon capacity
+ 679 lbs w/ batteries
List Price: $8,889.00
To purchase call Steve Baker 888-550-0945
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mach M710 floor scrubber
Mach M710 - Eco
Eco: Water Recyling System
28" Disc
+ 24 volt / x2 12 volt batteries
+ 20 gallon capacity
+ 699 lbs w/ batteries
List Price: $9,420.00
To purchase call Steve Baker 888-550-0945
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Need a larger scrub deck?
Check out the Mach M810 32" scrubber

Same machine with a larger 810mm scrub head!
Read about it here

• 28" disk style scrubbing path.

Battery Powered: 24 volt / x2 12 volt batteries - self-propelled.

• 20 gallon solution tank / 21 gallon recovery tank.

Included with "Eco" Model: Ecosystem water recycling, traction drive forward and reverse, on-board battery charger, battery level indicator, squeegee pressure controls, self-leveling splash guard, automatic brush coupling, actuators to raise and lower deck, extra pressure function for deeper scrubbing, solution dose control for max flow, "Flowmaster" to set flow rate to working speed, corrosion resistent frame with epoxy coating, hour meter, solenoid valve, clean water filter, stainless steel vac motor filter, emergency stop button, anti-entrapment device, non-marking tires.

EcoSystem: A water recycling system that refreshes used water and solution:

- Save Water EcoSystem can recycle water up to 5 times per fill.

- Save Labor Wasted time spent on dumping and refilling is eliminated.

- Save Money Let money spent on water and chemicals puts more money back in your pocket.

- Save the Environment Reduce your enviromental footprint by using less resources and less chemicals.

Aluminum Brush Head: The impact resistant aluminum brush head is equipped with splashguard protection, eliminating any side splash and keeping solution inside the brush housing for greater control. Easy to use hands-free brush replacement keeps operators from kneeling on the floor to inspect or rotate brushes.

Productivity: Up to 39,289 sq ft/hr.

Shipping Weight: 679+ lbs with batteries.

New machine warranty: Contact us for factory warranty details.

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List Price:
$8,889 - $9,420

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VP of Sales Dave Booth
Dave Booth
VP of Sales - The Caliber Team

Dave Booth, Vice President of Sales for Caliber Equipment, Inc. has been with Caliber Equipment for over 20 years, helping expand us into both a local east coast sales, rental and repair hub as well as a vast online supplier and resource for floor cleaning machine information. You can reach Dave by calling 888-550-0945 and he will be happy to help you with any machine questions you may have.

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