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clarke ca30 17 e and ca30 20b

Karcher SG2 C Bp

Gum Removal Tool

The Karcher SG2 C Bp Chewing Gum Remover is a unique vaporizer that will chemically remove chewing gum from many surfaces including concrete, stone and even carpet!

The Karcher Gum Remover is powered by a rechargable lithium ion battery. A special chemical compound is heated via the small butane/propane gas tanks located inside the machine, which travels through the nozzle tool to a small bristled brush at the tip. Chemical flow is controlled by a dial on the side of the pack, while power and heat are activated via the flip of a switch.

List Price: $4,680
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Karcher SG2 Gum remover
• Lithium Ion Battery
• Includes: Backpack machine, nozzle tool with brush tip.
• Chemicals sold separately.
List: $4,600
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• Remove chewing gum from stone, concrete or carpeted surfaces.

Battery Operated: Rechargable lithium ion battery - 8 hour runtime.

Machine Includes: Backpack housing (stores the chemical vaporizer solution and propane/butane gas tanks). Nozzle tool with brush tip, floor hand broom/brush for aggressive jobs. Chemicals and gas tanks sold separately!

Chemical Vaporizor: A biodegradable vegetable oil based chemical will dissolve dried out chewing gum from a variety of surfaces without leaving behind a stcky residue.

• Variable chemical flow.

• Heat and power are activated via a switch.

• Endless cleaning per battery charge

• 14.5 lbs of weight - highly portable!

Optional Accessories: Chemical and gas tanks sold separately!

New machine warranty!


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