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Karcher DE 4002

Commercial Steam Cleaner

The Karcher DE 4002 is a unique steam cleaner that provides unparalleled chemical-free cleaning and sanitization of the most difficult circumstances including the elimination of bed bugs. The Karcher DE 4002 utilizes a two-tank cleaning system which provides continuous flow of water, and produces 1,585 gallons of steam from it's 1.2 gallon capacity boiler - plus a run time of 5 hours! The DE 4002 can be combined with a number of optional accessories which will transform it into a wallpaper stripped, a window cleaner, clothing & upholstery steamer, and can even clean your grill or oven - all chemical free!

Bed Bug Removal: The DE 4002 can chemically-free remove bed bugs and their eggs from sofas, chairs, furniture, mattresses, cabinets, walls, and anywhere else bed bugs can hide.

• 248 degree steamer.

Electric Cord Powered.

• Two tank system- separate water reservoir can be filled while the machine is running - eliminating the 15 minute wait period for refilling found with other steam cleaners.

• 1500 watt dual boiler tank heating element - 9 minutes to heat boiler tank.

• Variable steam control.

• Alert system - audible or visual alerts to remind operator of low water, low steam, and low temperature.

• .63 gallon water reservoir, .63 gallon steam chamber.

• 46.4 PSI steam pressure.

• Standard Accessories: Steam hose, extension tube, floor tool, hand tool, wiping cloth (pkg of 10), power nozzle..

• Optional Accessories: Window wiper, wallpaper stripper, round brush set (2 red, 1 black), round brush set (3 brass bristle), two wheel transport cart..

New machine warranty!

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Karcher DE 4002 carpet steamer

Karcher 	carpet steamer

Karcher DE 4002

carpet steamer

DE 4002