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Intellibot AEROBOT

Autonomous Floor Sweeper

The Intellibot AeroBot is a truly unique floor sweeper that works on it's own, providing unsupervised cleaning and freeing up your janitorial staff for higher-level maintenance issues. Operating via an advanced intelligence computer system which detects both moving and stationary obstacles like objects and people, the Aerobot will navigate hallways with no assistance after an easy push icon-activated route mapping.

Productivity is rated at 10000 sq ft/hr!

Facilties that invest in the Intellibot AeroBot have seen immense results when utilizing the machine to sweep up large carpeted surfaces such as hallways and event spaces, with either the "Map Cleaning" or a general "Area Cleaning" modes engaged. The AeroBot will direct itself with very little to no operator input, freeing up your maintenance staff for higher-level jobs and cutting not just costs but time as well:

+ Side brush cleans up to and against walls
+ Works sans supervision for apprx 4 hours per battery pack charge
+ Talks to 'operator' via e-mail & text notifications and reports
+ Night cleaning capable via light independant 360 degree sensors
+ Available "Manual Mode" for hands-on operation!

• 32"sweeping path: 28" main broom + 12" side broom.

Battery Powered: 180 AH sealed gel battery pack - additional battery packs available for an easy exchange to chain-extend runtime and eliminate charging downtime - 4 hrs of runtime.

• 1390 RPM.

• 45.8" H20 sealed vacuum motor - 67.8 CFM.

• 10 gallon tank volume.

• Front & rear touch screens - immediate emergency braking & password security for all machine controls.

• 65 dBa low noise level.

Dimensions: 50"L x 43"W x 34.5"H.

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