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ipc eagle 712et floor sweeper

IPC Eagle SmartVac 464 / 664

Commercial Carpet Vacuum & Sweeper

The IPC Eagle SmartVac offers high productivity and high performance with these two Carpet Vacuum Sweepers. The SmartVac was designed with the intention to take the place of an upright vacuum as the SmartVac works not only faster but also more effectively.

These machines will can vacuum carpeted floors as well as sweep hard surfaces which means you will get more versatility out of this machine when compared to a traditional upright carpet vacuum. The SLS self leveling system will adjust the brooms and brushes to the surface of your floor automatically and when combined with the pre-programmed work settings will ensure that your floors will be clean without hassle. Also featured on these sweepers is IPC Eagle's "V" shaped bristle design, which assured deeper cleaning than traditional horizontal shaped main broom bristles!

List Price: $2,537 - $3,330
ipc eagle SmartVac SmartVac sweeper SmartVac sweeper SmartVac sweeper SmartVac sweeper SmartVac sweeper

IPC Eagle 464
IPC Eagle 464
24" floor sweeper
+Includes battery and charger

Price: $2,537.00

IPC Eagle 664
IPC Eagle 664
32" floor sweeper
+Includes battery and charger

Price: $3,330.00

Not currently available.


• 24" model cleans at 31,000 sq ft/hr while the 32" model cleans at 41,000 sq ft/hr.

• Quiet! Sound level of 55 dBa.

•Both models include an on-board charger and a 12volt / 45Ah maintenance-free sealed battery for up to 2.5 continuous hours of cleaning. You can take your equipment anywhere!

• The self cleaning filter system and large hopper make cleaning easier and cuts down the amount of time dumping debris.

• The Self Leveling System, or SLS, automatically adjusts to any surface.

• Includes Micro-dust filtration for clean indoor air.

• The filter, main broom, and side broom can all be replaced tools free!

• The Model 464 has a 35 liter hopper and a 16" main broom. The Model 664 has a 51 liter hopper and a 24" main broom.

New machine warranty: 1 year parts and labor.

Available Models:
24" sweeping/vacuuming path - 91 lbs    SmartVac Model 464

32" sweeping/vacuuming path - 124 lbs    SmartVac Model 664

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List Price:
$2,537- $3,330

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