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Clarke Fusion 20 Burnisher

Commercial Walk-behind Floor Burnisher

The Clarke Fusion 20 Burnisher is a battery-powered 20" burnisher that is designed for easy maintenance of your finished floors. The Fusion 20 will aid you in keeping your floors glossy and new-looking, and maintaining the glossy finish efficiently. The pad pressure on the Fusion 20 is self-adjusting, meaning the operator never needs to make any adjustments themselves. Clarke boasts that the passive dust control system on the Fusion 20 floor burnisher is the best on the market today - the felt seal on the dust shroud provides complete dust containment.

Scrub Deck Styles available:                                  Optional Accessories List

01603A 20" - Pad Assist - 200 Ah Wet Batteries Model Fusion 20

01605A 20" - Pad Assist - 234 Ah Maint. Free Batteries Model Fusion 20

01602A 20" - Power Traverse - 200 Ah Wet Batteries Model Fusion 20T

01604A 20" - Power Traverse - 234 Ah Maint. Free Batteries Model Fusion 20T


• The polydur main frame provides an indestructible outer housing.

• Onboard Charger - you can charge your machine anywhere that has a 120V outlet!

Pad Assist: The turning of the pad assists moving the machine. Power Traverse: There is an actual drive motor to assist moving.

• The option of the maintenance free batteries is the greener, cleaner choice - these batteries eliminate the risk of spills and gas emissions and also provide longer run times and have an overall longer lifetime.

• The unit tilts backwards, exposing the pad housing for easy pad changing.

• 2,000 RPM - 2.5 hp pad motor.

• 20" burnishing path.

• The controls are simple and ergonomic.

• Extra onboard storage space for your dust filtration bags!

• Low Noise: 68 dBa sound level.

New machine warranty: 3 years parts coverage, 1 year labor, Polydur main frame - 8 years.

List Price: $6,107.00 - $9,058.00

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