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NOTE: As of the summer or 2009 Nilfisk Advance has begun merging the American Lincoln line of floor cleaning equipment into it's own industrial line of equipment. The machines will no longer be the blue color as shown in some of our images, but a gray color to represent Nilfisk-Advance. Any new machine ordered will come in the new gray color. In the case of the Model 4366XP Nilfisk Advance is renaming this as the Model Granterra. Any new machine purchased will be under that name.

If you are interested in any of the following machines call 1-888-550-0945 and ask for Steve Baker!

combination sweeper scrubbers

american lincoln 7765

American Lincoln 7765

Industrial Combo Sweeper Scrubber

• Hydraulic operations.
• 54" scrubbing, 60" sweeping paths.
• Gas or LP or Diesel fueled.

LIST PRICE: $56,200.00 - $59,300.00

american lincoln 7730

American Lincoln 7730

Industrial Combo Sweeper Scrubber

• 55 gallon solution and recovery tanks.
• 46" sweeping path, 40" -46" scrubbing path.
• Battery Powered.

LIST PRICE: $43,200.00 - $44,400.00

rider sweepers

american lincoln 4366XP

American Lincoln 4366XP / Granterra

Industrial Rider Sweeper

• Forward low dump model available.
• 56" to 78" sweeping path.
• Gas, LP, or Diesel powered.

LIST PRICE: $48,519.00 - $51,619.00

american lincoln

Looking for American Lincoln Parts?

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The American Lincoln line of floor cleaning machines are recognized in the floor cleaning business for tough durable equipment that meet the requirements of heavy industry and larger infrastructure. The American Lincoln division is now integrated within the Nilfisk Advance Industrial Group in Plymouth MN. All products shown are American made. Sales are conducted across the United States through authorized distributors, national accounts, and direct Government sales.

American Lincoln shares the battery operated, walk behind, floor scrubber line with the Clarke, formerly an Alto company and now owned by Nilfisk Advance. Manufacturing operations are based in Springdale Arkansas. These scrubbers carry the trade mark name "Encore". We have the ability to provide machines, parts, and warranty service for these scrubbers, which often carry the Clarke logo in addition to "Encore".

Of special note: The model 7765 is the flag ship of this line. The machine of choice for the many Wal-Mart distribution centers and now Target, it is obvious that this line has the respect of many facility managers where results and efficiency count!

Most recently, the model 7765 has been specified by the architects in new construction projects like new Home Depot's and Lowes Home Improvement Stores. Flooring contractors are required to use this sweeper scrubber on site because their standard of quality for their polished concrete requires the higher level of performance the 7765 offers.

Additional notes: Extended warranties of up to four years parts and labor may be purchased with the American Lincoln line of equipment. Not usually seen with our other manufacturers, this feature will make heavy users of equipment such as flooring contractors count their savings!