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advance terra 132B sweeper

Advance Terra 132B

Industrial Walk-behind Floor Sweeper

The Advance Terra 132B sweeps a 32 inch path. This sweeper is capable of cleaning up to 38,000 sq. ft. an hour. It has an efficient dust control filter system with a manual shaker to clear the filter, the overthrow design allows the hopper to hold more debris than forward throw designs, so it will sweep longer with less time spent emptying.

Both light and easy to handle, the Terra 132B's controls are all conveniently located for the operator. Variable self-propulsion is actuated using a bike brake style handle. The operator handle adjusts to comfortably accommodate any height operator. The Terra 132B will come standard with a carpet pre-filter that traps larger carpet fibers and dust. This improves dust control and makes filter cleaning easier and the filter shaker more effective.

Maintenance is easy too. The high-speed main broom, side broom and panel dust filter are all easy to change without the use of tools. Covers and panels open to give easy access to batteries and other service areas. Plus, the Terra 132B has an onboard charger that makes recharging the unit fast and simple. Recharge at any time and anyplace without the need for a special battery room.

Model Update - See the SW900
Refurbished: $2,995.00
advance terra 132b sweeper advance terra 132b sweeper advance terra 132b sweeper advance terra 132b sweeper advance terra 132b sweeper advance terra 132b sweeper

Advance Terra 132 B
32" Floor Sweeper
Onboard Charger Included
Wet & Gel Battery Systems

Broom & Filter Choices List


Advance Terra 132B

Advance Terra 132B 32 inch Sweeper
SN: 3810110600081 - Mfg 2011 - 2 months parts and labor warranty.
Price: $3,195.00
Compare At: $6,000 New

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• 32" sweeping path - sweeps up to 38,700 square feet per hour.

• No tools needed to access dust filer or change the brush.

• Perfect for indoor and outdoor use such as: Sidewalks, machine shops, warehouses, aisles, etc.

Battery Powered: Because it is battery powered you can use this machine anywhere and not be worried about an electrical cord. Battery options are between either two 238 AH wet batteries and an onboard charger or two 180 AH maintenance-free gel batteries and an onboard charger.

• Hopper size: 1.8 cubic feet (51 L).

• Two-stage dust filtering system with a standard manual filter shaker that can be replaced with an optional electric shaker.

Accessories: Various brooms are available depending on your exact situation as well as different dust filters including one that are water washable.

New machine warranty: Covers parts for three years and labor for two years. Dealer paid travel limited to 180 days. Tank warranty is for eight years. Note: there is no machine hour limit.


 Product Brochure
 Operator's Manual
 Parts Manual

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Model Update - See the SW900