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Advance Cylcone TR5000 & TR5500

Industrial Outdoor Litter Collector

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Available for purchase is the Advance Cyclone TR5000 & TR5500 Outdoor Pressure Washer System. The TR5000 & TR5500 are GREEN environmentally-friendly trailer driven pressure washers that when paired with the Cyclone CY210 walk behind cleaning head are designed to clean via a high-speed turbine with a solution mixture that is composed of just water and air and that eliminates the need for any cleaning chemicals. The turbine, with it's eight blades, creates a vortex of spinning air and water that is equal to a category 4 hurricane! The intensity of which the contents within the turbine spin is what creates the cleaning power of the pressure washer: as it picks up dirt and debris these particles are retained in the vortex and intensify the cleaning power! The water is recovered without the use of a vacuum motor but instead by a high-powered pressure pump.

The difference between the TR5000 & TR5500 is a multi-stage inline water recycling option that filters and reuses the dirty water and provides extended cleaning times. An option available for both machines is a diesel-powered hot water tank for extra cleaning power.

Scrub Deck Styles available:

Cyclone TR5000:
Trailer driven pressure washer with water recovery system

Cyclone TR5500:
Trailer driven pressure washer with water recovery & recycling system


• 18" Cleaning path for the CY210 - not all models include the CY210 walk behind unit!

• Up to 5,000 psi.

TR5000: 330 fresh water tank - 220 recovery water tank. TR5500: 450 gallon water tank & water recycling system.

• TR5500 Filtration System: x2 70 micron & x2 30 micron stainless steel filtration tanks.

• 3600 psi @ GPM / Giant Pump with Kohler Pro Series 27 HP 2-cylinder gasoline electric start.

Combustion Powered: Gasoline fuel tank and an extra diesel tank for the hot water heater option.

Productivity: TR5000 - 60 minutes of cleaning ; TR550 - 2-4 hours of cleaning.

• 50' pressure hose standard for both supply & recovery.

• Dimensions & Weight: 174" x 82" x 77" - 7000 lbs capacity.

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general maanager and owner steve baker
Founded by Steve Baker
Owner & General Manager
Steve Baker, Owner & General Manager of Caliber Equipment, Inc. entered the industrial cleaning equipment market in the early 1990s and has since expanded Caliber Equipment into both a local east coast sales, rental and repair hub as well as a vast online supplier and resource for floor cleaning machine information. You can connect with him via and Facebook.

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Advance cyclone pressure washer system

Advance cyclone pressure washer system

cyclone green outdoor pressur ewasher

outdoor truck mounted deep cleaning system

Advance cyclone pressure washer system

cyclone green outdoor pressur ewasher

outdoor truck mounted deep cleaning system

Advance cyclone water filter system

Advance cyclone tank drains