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advance adphibian multisurface scrubber extractor

Advance Adphibian

Commercial Multi Surface Extractor-Scrubber

The Advance Adphibian Multi Surface Extractor-Scrubber is the industry's solution to the multiple cleaning demands that customers are faced with today. This machine will clean & extract carpets as well as scrub the floor. With a touch of a button and a hose change you can easily switch between a cylindrical scrubber machine and a fully-functional carpet extractor. This machine is perfect for locations who have both hard surface floors as well as carpeted areas, and who want a single machine to manage their floors instead of two!

Everyday carpet cleaning is simple with Advance's "Lift" system- this system utilizes just a small amount of water and solution so that your floors dry fast and stay clean within 30 minutes. The cylindrical scrubber will pre sweep your floors and scrub them clean just as efficiently and effectively as all of the scrubbers in Advance's full line of equipment!

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Price: $13,388.00
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advance adphibian advance adphibian advance adphibian advance adphibian advance adphibian advance adphibian
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advance ES4000
Advance Adphibian
24" cylindrical scrubber extractor
+ 20 & 16 gallon tanks

List: $15,750 - $17,500
Price: $13,388 - $14,875
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• 24" cylindrical scrubber & carpet extractor.

• 20 gallon solution tank & 16 gallon recovery tank.

Battery Operated: Choice of wet or AGM maintenance-free batteries.

Lift System: a low water cleaning system that reduces water usage and increases productivity - get a deeper clean and faster drying times while extending your cleaning efficiency!

• On board chargers allow the operator to always be close to a charger location, since it is incorporated into the machine. Non onboard chargers that are independent of the scrubber are also more vulnerable to damage when the charger is relocated to new scrubber use areas.

New machine warranty: Covers parts for three years and labor for two years. Dealer paid travel limited to 180 days. Tank warranty is for eight years. Note: there is no machine hour limit.

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$13,388 - $14,875
List: $15,750 - $17,500

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