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advance SC8000 industrial floor sweeper

Advance SC8000

GREEN Cylindrical Floor Scrubber

Replacing the LPG and Diesel models of the Nilfisk Advance Condor XL is the Nilfisk Advance SC8000 Industrial Floor Scrubber. Evolved from the Condor's design and functionality, the Advance SC8000 is a combustion powered cylindrical scrubber that is a highly maneuverable, powerful, and equipped with the widest cylindrical deck in it's class.

Customizable to your individual needs, standard features include huge 100 gallon solution and recovery tanks, one touch scrub controls which start and stop scrubbing at the press of a button, and a heavy duty front bumper to protect both your machine and your facility. Productivity is rated at up to 100,000 sq feet per tankful.

Optional features that can be added on include: DustGuard dual side broom fog system for superior dust control, EcoFlex detergent management system for automatic solution mixing and dispensing, and the Extended Scrub System for water recyling so you can scrub longer between tank refills.

List Price: $54,500 - $63,000
Advance SC8000 Advance SC8000 Advance SC8000 Advance SC8000 Advance Condor Advance SC8000
Full Service & Support Value Package: 15% Off Parts, Phone Tech Support, and Warranty Services:
Every New / Used Nilfisk-Advance & Clarke machine purchased from us will include:

15% Discount on Parts: Take 15% off Clarke / Advance replacement parts purchased through us for your qualifying machine.

• Lifetime phone technical support with our mechanics, available Monday - Friday 8am - 4:30pm.

Warranty: Warranty support services including arrangement of a service provider when out of our territory and parts replacement support.


Advance SC8000 Advance SC8000 - LPG
48", 60", or 62" scrubbing path
+ Ecoflex soap mixing system available
List: $54,500 - $61,750
Price: $49,050+
Order: Call Steve 888-550-0945

Advance SC8000 Advance SC8000 - Diesel
48", 60", or 62" scrubbing path
+ Ecoflex soap mixing system available
List: $56,000 - $63,000
Price: $50,400+
Order: Call Steve 888-550-0945

Advance SC8000
Advance SC8000 62 LPG 62" Scrubber
SN: 1000051125 - Mfg 2013 - 350 hours - 2 months parts & labor warranty.
+ Dual Side Brooms.
+ Machine Includes DustGuard
Price: $29,995.00 - SOLD
Compare at $52,900.00 when new!
Includes: Factory spec cylindrical brooms, our full refurbishment.
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Why Our Refurbishment Process is Different:
Not just "Used" - Caliber's Machines are rebuilt from the frame up, including:

Brand New Batteries

• Replacement of all wearables.

• Inspection and servicing of all machine parts and components including: bearings, gaskets, filters, and power cords.

• brushes in the electric motors are evaluated, and hydraulic motors are inspected and resealed.

• All aesthetics are addressed including tank scratches and dents, peeling decals, chipped paint and rust.

SHIPPING: Machines are refurbished to order - Please allow 3-4 weeks for delivery.

Caliber's 60 DAY WARRANTY: 2 months parts & labor warranty - if we happen to miss something it will show up within the first few weeks of use and we will take care of it!


• 48" - 62" cylindrical scrubbing path: Optional side brooms can widen your cleaning path from the standard 48" cylindrical deck.

Diesel Engine: 37.5 HP Kubota engine.

LP Engine: 55 HP Kubota 1.6 engine!

One-touch controls make scrubbing easy.

MaxAccess: Quick and easy access to all engine components including a new full tip-back to floor engine compartment housing.

Optional EcoFlex System: Operators can quickly and easily select the right blend of pad pressure, water and detergent to tackle any cleaning challenge. Here are just a few of the flexible cleaning modes:

- Water Only Perfect for removing surface dirt and maintaining the clean look of floors. Water-only mode eliminates the impact of detergents on the environment and reduces cleaning costs.

- Ultra-low Detergent Well suited for routine cleaning where a small amount of green certified detergent will do the trick. Water and detergent are dispensed separately at the scrub deck, eliminating solution waste.

- Standard Detergent The tough cleaning you expect. At standard detergent, pad pressure and flow rate, you’ll have a combination powerful enough to pull stubborn dirt, grease, and oil from surfaces.

- Burst of Power For deep, restorative cleaning or unexpected challenges. EcoFlex’s burst of power temporarily increases your machine’s pad pressure, detergent use and flow rate at the touch of a button.

• The large 100 gallon solution and recovery tanks increase operator productivity significantly by providing up to 30% more carrying capacity than other machines in this combustion engine power category. Fewer stops for solution replacement means more productive time cleaning the floor. The recovery tank may be easily drained through a flexible hose.  For a more thorough clean out, you may also tilt the tank so that the sludge and debris can be washed out completely.  Get complete access to the vacuum impeller by manually lifting the tank.

Options & Accessories: Brake lights, turn signal lights, backup warning alarm, work lights, and strobe lights, overhead guard, enclosed cab with heat & A/C, etc.

New machine warranty: Covers 3 years parts, 2 years labor, 180 days travel. Tank warranty is for eight years.


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List Price:
$54,500 - $63,000

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