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advance CS7000 industrial sweeper scrubber

Advance CS7010

GREEN Combination Floor Sweeper Scrubber

Available for sale is the Nilfisk Advance Hybrid CS 7010 Floor Sweeper Scrubber. Finally we have a large powerful GREEN Sweeper Scrubber that will clean your floors while being environmentally friendly! Not only will you be reducing your carbon footprint with this scrubber, you will also see savings in areas such as your cost of ownership by doubling your fuel economy and runtime and efficiency! Now the most economical solution is also the most ecological!

Internally the CS7010 operates very differently than other machines in it's class. The typical hydraulic system has instead been replace with intelligent electronically controlled power drives which are less prone to require maintenance and also helps reduce the noise level of the machine when in use. The zero-maintenance brushless AC drives power the steering and propulsion while high-efficient DC drives control the scrub and sweep functions. The only hydraulics in the machine is a small system which controls the hopper and all these changes means your efficiency is doubled without any sacrifice to your performance!

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advance CS7000 CS7000 sweeper scrubber CS7000 CS7000 Controls CS7000 Brushes Hybrid sweeper scrubber

CS7010 Battery
Up to 61" sweeping path
48" scrubbing path
#56510859 - Base Machine
#56510864 + Dust Guard
#56510871 + EcoFlex
#56510876 + EcoFlex + DustGuard
CS7010 LPG-Hybrid
Up to 61" sweeping path
48" scrubbing path
#56510933 - Base Machine
#56510855 + Dust Guard
#56510936 + EcoFlex
#56510867 + EcoFlex + DustGuard
CS7010 Diesel-Hybrid
Up to 61" sweeping path
48" scrubbing path
#56510934 - Base Machine
#56510856 + Dust Guard
#56510937 + EcoFlex
#56510868 + EcoFlex + DustGuard
CS7010 HEV Battery Hybrid
Up to 61" sweeping path
48" scrubbing path
#56511536 - Base Machine
#56511537 + Dust Guard
#56511538 + EcoFlex
#56511539 + EcoFlex + DustGuard
CS7010 Gas-Hybrid
Up to 61" sweeping path
48" scrubbing path
#56511003 + EcoFlex + DustGuard

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Why Our Refurbishment Process is Different:
Not just "Used" - Caliber's Machines are rebuilt from the frame up, including:

Brand New Batteries

• Replacement of all wearables.

• Inspection and servicing of all machine parts and components including: bearings, gaskets, filters, and power cords.

• brushes in the electric motors are evaluated, and hydraulic motors are inspected and resealed.

• All aesthetics are addressed including tank scratches and dents, peeling decals, chipped paint and rust.

SHIPPING: Machines are refurbished to order - Please allow 3-4 weeks for delivery.

Caliber's 60 DAY WARRANTY: 2 months parts & labor warranty - if we happen to miss something it will show up within the first few weeks of use and we will take care of it!


Up to 61" sweeping path - with dual side brooms. 31" main broom.

48" Triple Disk scrub deck - with up to 400 lbs of down pressure.

Increased Run Times: The ePower Battery model gets up to 5.4 hours of run time per charge. The LPG Hybrid gets 5.5 hours of runtime per 32 lb tank. The Diesel hybrid gets up to 15 hours runs time per 9.2 gallon tank!

Quiet Operation: The ePower Battery model's sound output is 72 dBa while the LPG and Diesel Hybrid Models operate at 81 dBa.

Dedicated Sweep and Scrub Systems: The scrub system and sweep system are totally separate. There is no chance of dry debris mixing with the scrub solution which will help decrease maintenance costs and increase productivity.

• The hopper for dry debris is separate from the recovery tank for solution which makes cleaning your machine out easier and less frequent.

• Visibility from the operator's seat provides clear site lines and the forward facing hopper makes dumping easy and fast.

• 5.5 mph transport speed and 3.5 mph operation speed (with override capability).

• 75 gallon tilt-out solution and recovery tanks.

• Dual vac motors capable of 48" of water lift.

• Hopper: 7 cubic ft / 3000 lbs and a 60" dump height.

• Ergonomic One Touch operator's controls with tilt steering wheel and fully adjustable seat.

• Breakaway squeegee prevents damage in case of it getting hooked on obstacles.

• 115 sq ft High capacity Donaldson PowerCore UltraWeb nanofiber synthetic media filter with MERV 13 rating with variable frequency shaker.

New machine warranty: Covers parts for three years and labor for two years. Dealer paid travel limited to 180 days. Tank warranty is for eight years


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