ipc eagle CT70 autoscrubber

IPC Eagle CT70 / ECS

Commercial Walkbehind Floor Scrubber

The IPC Eagle CT70 is an walk behind scrubber whose design is aimed at providing the highest level of productivity in the most compact size.

The IPC Eagle CT70 will clean up to 50,000 square feet in a single charge! The CT70 also comes is three different sizes: 20", 24", and a 28".

All models are available as traction driven while the 20" model also is available as brush driven, the ECS Model is available as 28" path.

List Price: $6,074 - $9,832
Factory Demo: $3,995.00
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IPC Eagle CT70 B50 / BT50
B50 - Brush Drive / BT50 - Drive Motor
20" Disc Deck
#CT70B50-115 + 115 ah Wet Batteries
#CT70B50-145 + 145 ah Wet Batteries
#CT70B50-155 + 155 ah Wet Batteries
#CT70B50-100 + 100 ah Gel Batteries
#CT70B50-115AGM + 115 ah AGM Batteries
IPC Eagle CT70 B60 / BT60
B60 - Brush Drive / BT60 - Drive Motor
24" Disc Deck
#CT70BT60-115 + 115 ah Wet Batteries
#CT70BT60-145 + 145 ah Wet Batteries
#CT70BT60-155 + 155 ah Wet Batteries
#CT70BT60-100 + 100 ah Gel Batteries
#CT70BT60-115AGM + 115 ah AGM Batteries
IPC Eagle CT70 BT70 / ECS
BT70 - Traction Drive / BT70 + ECS option
28" Disc Deck
#CT70BT70-115 + 115 ah Wet Batteries
#CT70BT70-145 + 145 ah Wet Batteries
#CT70BT70-155 + 155 ah Wet Batteries
#CT70BT70-100 + 100 ah Gel Batteries
#CT70BT70-115AGM + 115 ah AGM Batteries

EcoCost Cleaning
What is ECS?
ECS is a high speed 600 RPM scrub deck which can be used with diamond or microfiber pads for aggressive, chemical free cleaning.

Polished concrete floors: Physically remove soil as you re-polish the surface without the use of chemicals. Add lithium based chemicals for routine maintenance of any densified concrete floor, or when the original polished surface is subjected to wear and a higher gloss is desirable.
Resurface your floor: You can also polish vinyl and epoxy floors where they have suffered deterioration of their surface treatments and you want to remove a top layer.
Chemical Free: Chemicals can be eliminated when used as just a mechanical cleaning approach.

Simple Scrubbing: ECS machines can switch to a 180 RPM speed for traditional floor scrubbing!
ipc eagle CT70 auto scrubber

Factory Demo Equipment available:
CT70 BT70 ECS - 28" disc - low hours - Full factory warranty!
+ Includes a Drive Motor and IPC Eagle's ECS System!
Price: $3,995.00 ea
Compare at $8,000.00 when new!

ipc eagle CT70 auto scrubber

Refurbished Equipment available:
CT70 BT70 - 28" disc - sn: 8000224598 - Mfg 2014 - 2 months warranty.
+ Includes a Drive Motor!
Price: $3,995.00
Compare at $8,400.00 when new!
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Brand New Batteries

• Replacement of all wearables.

• Inspection and servicing of all machine parts and components including: bearings, gaskets, filters, and power cords.

• brushes in the electric motors are evaluated, and hydraulic motors are inspected and resealed.

• All aesthetics are addressed including tank scratches and dents, peeling decals, chipped paint and rust.

Caliber's 60 DAY WARRANTY: 2 months parts & labor warranty - if we happen to miss something it will show up within the first few weeks of use and we will take care of it!


• 20", 24", and 28" scrubbing paths - brush & traction driven.

Battery powered: 24 volt, x2 12 volt batteries.

Optional ECS: EcoCost Cleaning System reduces water consumption, chemical consumption up to 90%, and labor time up to 50% while utilizing a micro fiber scrubbing pad at a high rate of 600 RPM at a lower pressure than traditional brush/pad model versions.

• 19 gallon solution tank / 20 gallon recovery tank.

• Electro valve solution flow on all models.

• Disc decks - x1 brush on the 20" model, x2 brushes on the 24" and 28" models.

• Oil bath reduction gear box, solution control with automatic stop, brush control with delayed automatic stop.

• Low noise level, recovery tank can be tilted for easy emptying, no tools squeegee assembly and blade replacement.

• Extremely compact and maneuverable.

• CFS: Center Flow System - solutions is disbursed from the center of the pad driver enabling even solution disbursement onto your floor.

• AFS: Anti Foam System - protects your vacuum motor.

New machine warranty: 1 year parts and labor.


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List Price:
$6,074 - $9,832

Factory Demo:

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